Redfinger for Android

Step-by-step guides on how to install and use Redfinger on all your Android devices.

  • Get free trial

    The cloud phone on Redfinger is a remote cloud mobile phone for players to implement application intelligent management. First, you need to apply for a cloud phone, and each cloud phone supports one game account.You can also apply for several cloud phones to run multi-account simultaneously.

  • How to Add New Cloud Phone

    Subscribe Redfinger cloud phone. With favorable price, even free redeem code, you can boast an online virtual cloud smartphone 7*24.

  • How to Renew Cloud Phone

    Take a free trial of Redfinger Cloud Android phone and gain access to 100% pure and authentic Android system running in the cloud. Free download and use Redfinger now.

  • How to Change Password

    Detailed instruction on changing the password of Redfinger cloud mobile phone.

  • Virtual home button operating guide

    Operating guide of redfinger cloud phone virtual home button, remote control cloud phone, remote control Android system with redfinger client.

  • How to Control Cloud Phone

    How to remote control Redfinger Cloud Android OS, the best android emulator running in the cloud day and night with lighting fast internet connection.

  • How to Upload Local Files & APK

    Upload local APK files to Redfinger cloud android phone in one click and enjoy playing and using them on the best android emulator running in the cloud. Backup files and else to Redfinger cloud android phone.

  • Guide on How to Enable/Disable Root Feature

    As you embark on your exploration of Android emulators, specifically Redfinger, there exist three distinct methods to enable or disable the root feature.Method 1:The Cloud Phone interface offers a