How to Control Cloud Phone

When successfully subscribing to Redfinger cloud phone, you can click the cloud phone and start your cloud phone experience. Here is the guide to how to operate the virtual home button.

  1. Log in Redfinger, and click the screen for controlling mode.
  2. Click the virtual home button on the screen, you can see the features included in it.
  3. virtual home button, redfinger

  • Control quality:

    There are 5 choices of cloud phone quality: Auto; 240p; 360p; 480p; 720p. You can choose a higher quality like 720p or auto quality which depends on your network speed.

    Control quality, redfinger cloud phone

  • Switching control mode:

    It is divided into simple mode and professional mode. Simple mode interface:

    Switching control mode

  • Professional mode interface:(Professional mode arranges the functions in the virtual home button on the side of the cloud phone desktop for quick operation):

    Professional mode interface

  • Menu:

    Click the icon "Menu" to quickly switch to other applications if you are running several apps at the same time.

  • Home:

    Click "Home" to return to the virtual desktop in control mode.

  • Back:

    Click "Back" to return to the previous step.

  • Exit control:

    Click this button to quickly end the remote control mode and directly back to the starting page.