《Ragnarok X: Next Generation》

Ragnarok X: Next Generation faithfully adapted the long-established MMORPG franchise that has been officially launched in Southeast Asian countries. This is a brand new, officially licensed adaptation of the original classic.

Redfinger supports Ragnarok X: Next Generation and has built server rooms in Los Angeles, Taiwan, and Singapore to provide cloud services with 100% native Android system.

《Ragnarok X: Next Generation》

Cloud simulator tutorial

Install "Red Finger" and open
Select the server and log in with Google
Select the redemption code, add a cloud phone
Click Auto to easily realize the 24-hour cloud automatic hang-up, to prevent the phone from getting hot and the battery to be damaged. Even if you exit the red finger, it will hang up all the time, helping you upgrade

Energy saving mode

Easily collect in-game resources in RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation. Enable energy saving mode when running games in several multi-opens. And reduce the resource consumption of mobile phones and computers.

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Easy operation of multiple mobile phones and accounts