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What is Cloud Gaming?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "What is Cloud Gaming?" Actually, Cloud gaming is not a new concept especially for those who are familiar with game industry. Simply put, cloud gaming is a streaming service for online games. The idea of cloud gaming is that people don't need gaming PCs or consoles with powerful graphics hardware. All the heavy lifting will be done "in the cloud." Currently, there are two main types of cloud gaming: cloud gaming based on video streaming and cloud gaming based on file streaming.

Cloud gaming is very similar to streaming videos or other streaming services. Think of Netflix or HBO, but for games. Cloud gaming means that a game is on a company server rather than on the gamers' computer or other devices. Your keyboard, mouse, and controller input actions are sent over the network to the cloud gaming server. Cloud gaming allows users to play games on a computer or phone located in the cloud, while players control the external computer or phone via their local devices. Indeed, cloud gaming is like a streaming video service, but interactive.

Advantages of Cloud Gaming

It seems that choosing cloud gaming is the very right thing to do. Why choosing cloud gaming? Is it really that good? Here are the reasons:

  • Cost Less- It means that with cloud gaming, there's no need for expensive hardware and other devices investments or upgrades. With cloud gaming, you wouldn't need to upgrade your PC or console. Instead of buying an expensive gaming hardware, you’d just use your existing hardware. You could also buy a cheap streaming box and controller that plugs into your television and home network.
  • Run Games on Any Device or Settings– The majority of high-end, non-mobile games are currently chained to PCs (often Windows) or consoles. With cloud gaming, games will become more platform-independent, allowing PCs tablets or phones running Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows RT, and other operating systems to play games that might otherwise only run on Windows.
  • Integrate Gaming Into TVs and Other Devices – Television manufacturers could integrate support for cloud-gaming services into their smart TVs. The TV wouldn't need any powerful or expensive gaming hardware — any TV with the correct software and a controller could work for gaming without any additional boxes required. Some smart TVs already include this feature via their OnLive integration.
  • Instant Playing – Some games may require a download of 10GB, 20GB, or even more before you can play them. Cloud gaming would allow you to start playing games instantly, as the server already has the game installed and can start playing it immediately.
  • DRM – If games run on remote servers instead of your own computer, they'd be almost impossible to pirate. This makes cloud gaming an attractive form of DRM to publishers, if not to gamers.

Why Choose Redfinger?

After learning about what cloud gaming is and its superiority, it seems that using cloud game service is a smart choice for players. Our product Redfinger Cloud Android Smartphone platform is a successful implementation of ARMVM technology. Redfinger is like your another virtual smartphone and has many advantages comparing to other products.

  • Redfinger can achieve 24 hours intelligent management.
  • Redfinger offers cross-platform access to 100% Android systems with no limitation
  • Redfinger can achieve remote control at any time and anywhere.
  • Redfinger is safe, secure, reliable and solid. It works with an absolutely an authoritative server-client model which gives no chance to hackers. It also avoids data breaches caused by physical data theft or malware by hosting applications remotely.
  • Redfinger supports parallel or even multiple accounts. With Redfinger Cloud phone, you can run parallel apps and games. It allows you to play the same game while logged in from two different accounts. Or even multiple devices simultaneously.

If you're interested in cloud gaming or Redfinger, go get more information on our website.