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The Honkai Star Rail has gained popularity among numerous players for its distinctive anime-inspired visuals and diverse range of characters. Among these characters, Tingyun stands out as a highly esteemed four-star support character known for her enhanced damage capabilities. With the ability to amplify her teammates' attack power and grant them supplementary health, Tingyun plays a vital role in bolstering the overall effectiveness of the team. While her damage boost is limited to a single target, its substantial impact has garnered immense appreciation from players.

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How to allocate points for Tingyun

The two most important skills to prioritize are the ultimate skill and the battle skill. The ultimate skill provides energy regeneration for allies and boosts damage for three turns. The effectiveness of energy replenishment and damage increase is amplified through level upgrades, making them more impactful as Tingyun levels up. On the other hand, the battle skill enhances the attack power of a single ally and adds thunder damage to their normal attacks for three turns. The attack and thunder damage values also benefit from level upgrades, offering substantial advantages when points are allocated accordingly.

Both of these skills hold equal priority, allowing players to freely distribute their points. Due to their similar roles, there is no specific order in allocating points between them. Once both skills are fully upgraded, players can start considering the talents. Tingyun's talent enables her to deal extra thunder damage based on the attack power of the ally she has buffed. The greater the attack power of the ally, the more additional damage Tingyun can inflict. Allocating points to the talent skill increases the conversion ratio of ally attack power.

As for the normal attack, there is little debate regarding point allocation. In most cases, the normal attack holds the lowest priority among characters since it only inflicts minimal single-target damage. Moreover, even when fully upgraded, the additional attack power gained is not significant compared to the initial level. This makes it less effective for Tingyun, who plays a semi-support role.

Tingyun's Skill Introduction

Tingyun's combat prowess forms the bedrock of her abilities. When activated, her battle skill grants a blessing to a teammate, augmenting their maximum attack power. This skill proves invaluable in actual combat scenarios, particularly when employed on primary DPS characters such as Jizhi and Xier. It significantly boosts their damage output, enabling them to take on more formidable adversaries. Notably, Tingyun's own proficiency directly influences the potency of the attack power increase, amplifying her damage-boosting capabilities.

Her talent allows Tingyun to inflict additional thunder damage, which scales with a certain multiplier based on the attack power of the blessed teammate. This thunder damage is constant and bolsters Tingyun's efficacy in breaking through shields of thunder-affiliated foes. Hence, it is advisable for Tingyun to bless her teammates in the initial turn of battle, followed by employing her normal attack in the subsequent turn to maximize her overall output.

By employing a secret technique before engaging in battle, Tingyun can instantly restore 50 ultimate energy. During combat, when Tingyun utilizes her ultimate skill, she can replenish 50 energy for the designated teammate, simultaneously augmenting their damage output. This ability proves particularly advantageous in the Simulated Universe Challenge, showcasing its remarkable utility.

How to choose light cones for Tingyun

For support characters, the "Moon Intent" light cone comes highly recommended. While it may appear ordinary, its effects are exceptional, making it particularly suitable for support roles. It has the ability to randomly teleport the entire team and enhance the performance of the characters. This proves especially useful during battles as it effortlessly boosts attack power, with a maximum increase of 20%.

Another excellent choice is the "Astrological Assembly" light cone. Equipping this light cone grants damage bonuses to characters of the same attribute. Since Tingyun is a thunder attribute character, having other team members with the same attribute proves advantageous. In Tingyun's support role, she can effortlessly amplify the damage output of other thunder attribute characters, thereby increasing overall attack power.

Honkai Star Rail

How to choose relics for Tingyun

Tingyun is an exceptional character within the game, and if you're considering selecting relics for her, "Quickshooter" comes highly recommended. This relic stands out due to its unique abilities: not only does it enhance Tingyun's attack power, but it also significantly boosts her normal attack speed and damage output. In the heat of battle, the speed at which you can unleash attacks holds paramount importance, surpassing raw damage capabilities. A swift attack speed enables you to swiftly dispatch foes, particularly those with dwindling health. Alternatively, you have the option of opting for the "Seal Station" relic, which consists of a duo of relics. This combination not only amplifies Tingyun's normal attack speed but also empowers her self-damage. Moreover, the additional damage is more potent, thereby maximizing the overall impact of her attacks.


In Honkai Star Rail, Tingyun is best paired with speed-based characters to maximize damage. As for which characters to pair her with, you can refer to other guides provided by the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

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