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In Honkai Star Rail, if you don't want to spend a lot of money to draw powerful characters, you need to master reasonable lineup combination strategies to achieve victory. For game beginners, this is undoubtedly very challenging. Therefore, Redfinger Android emulator platform has compiled this lineup combination guide.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail - Himeko Lineup Combination Guide

Himeko specializes in dealing high single-target damage and has exceptional speed, but she lacks survivability. Therefore, it is crucial to have a teammate who can enhance her survivability. Simply put, this teammate should enable your turn to become her turn, aligning most skills in that direction. The key lies in improving speed enhancement and amplification effects to turn the tide. While each character possesses some speed, it is insufficient on its own. It is preferable to pair Himeko with a character that provides an acceleration effect. Additionally, a character capable of increasing energy may be necessary to facilitate entering the amplification state.

When considering team composition, characters like Isadora and Bronya can be taken into account. Bronya is the optimal choice, offering debuffs, damage burst, and strong attack capabilities. Isadora serves as a viable alternative, providing overall attack power and fracture abilities. For support, Pela or Silver Wolf can be selected to achieve outstanding effects and ensure superior output. To fulfill the energy boost role, Tingyun is a good option since their ultimate skill can increase energy, meeting the requirements of the team.

There are numerous options for protection-type characters. Jepord, Bai Lu, and March 7th are all formidable protectors. Non-premium players can consider Natasha, which has a relatively low cost and possesses the ability to remove debuffs, making it a popular choice among casual players. When facing opponents with high damage output in the early stages, characters like the protagonist Black Tower can be utilized to swiftly reduce the enemy's HP with their AOE damage. This minimizes early damage taken and triggers corresponding skills for Himeko, enabling high damage output.

Honkai Star Rail - Serval Lineup Combination Guide

Serval possesses the lightning attribute, which inflicts specific damage on her opponents. When utilizing her skills, she enters a spread attack state, increasing the chance of inducing the enemy into an electrocuted state. Her ultimate skill deals full lightning damage for two rounds. By employing her secret technique, she can deliver focused damage to a single target and has a chance of electrocuting the enemy. Obtaining Serval is relatively easy, especially in the early stages where lightning characters can exploit the weaknesses of certain opponents. She excels at swiftly eliminating enemies, safeguarding our side from harm.

While Serval's performance is decent, it falls somewhat short when compared to other characters. Besides experience points, there are numerous options for training alternative characters, such as the protagonist Black Tower, among others. These simpler and more user-friendly characters are undoubtedly easier to develop compared to Serval. Perhaps the best results can only be achieved when she is paired with Kafka. Currently, she is the sole character capable of inflicting the electrocution effect on enemies. Without the synergy with Kafka, her impact may be limited. It is advisable to practice with other characters first. The current job market in both China and Japan is uncertain, and Serval's performance is average. Perhaps only when paired with Kafka will the situation change. Moreover, there has been no real testing conducted, and the introduction of new supporting characters remains uncertain.

Overall, Serval is a character focused on group damage output with an emphasis on electrocution. Her output is relatively stable, but her burst ability is not particularly high. Unless you are an XP enthusiast, it is not recommended to prioritize training her as the primary carry. However, as a member of Kafka's team, she is worth considering. Many players employ her for early game progress, but her usage tends to decline in later stages. Around level 24, it is advisable to shift focus and acquire other main carries, as this outcome is inevitable considering the drawbacks of Serval.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail - Asta Lineup Combination Guide

Asta possesses the power of fire and embodies the destiny of knowledge. Her basic attack unleashes fiery damage upon a single enemy. Her skill targets the chosen foe and the adjacent enemies, engulfing them in flames, making it an area-of-effect ability. Her ultimate skill unleashes a devastating blaze, damaging all enemies, and grants additional energy upon eliminating foes, making it a formidable group attack.

Her innate talent allows her to accumulate a charge at the start of battle or when striking an enemy's weak point. When her charge reaches its peak and her allies launch an assault, it is immediately consumed, triggering an additional group attack. Her secret technique manifests a field before her, enhancing the likelihood of dealing amplified damage to her targets.

In a team focused on swiftly dispatching enemies, Asta excels as a damage-dealing DPS character. Pair her with two characters possessing area-of-effect abilities and a healer, and you will effortlessly conquer materials, instruments, and dungeons. For instance, Asta can synergize effectively with Black Tower, Serval, and Natasha.

For a lineup centered around burning damage, consider Asta alongside Harmony or Emptiness, Hoke or Store, and Abundance or Protection. In this composition, both Asta and Hoke provide burn buffs, significantly increasing the damage inflicted upon enemies by 20%.

To assemble a chase team, you can utilize Clara, Tingyun, Asta, and Abundance or Protection. In this setup, Asta assumes the sub-carry role, while Clara possesses a potent counter-attack mechanism. This formation maximizes shield-breaking efficiency, enabling you to trigger Asta's chase effect effectively.

For early game progression, Asta can be combined with Harmony or Emptiness, Destruction or Hunt, and Abundance or Protection. However, if you already have Jingyuan for early progression, it is not necessary to prioritize Asta's training. Alternatively, if Asta is unavailable, she can still serve as a sub-carry in your team composition.


Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based game that emphasizes lineup combinations. Whether you are a free player or a paying player, choosing the right lineup combination can ensure your victory. However, paying players who master lineup strategies can be a nightmare for free players.

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