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Seele is the first featured character in Honkai Star Rail, and she is also a character with a significant role in the story. Combined with her influence from previous versions, many players want to obtain her. This guide will provide a comprehensive introduction to the character Seele.

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Is Seele worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail?

In Honkai Star Rail, there is a wide range of characters available for players to obtain through pulls, with the chances of acquiring stronger characters naturally being lower. Hence, it is crucial not to squander any opportunities to pull a character. Among the roster, Seele stands out as a character worth pursuing due to her rarity as a 5-star character, which is considered highly desirable in the game. Furthermore, she excels as a damage dealer, making her a sought-after acquisition by many players. Her skills possess output amplification effects, further enhancing her appeal.

For instance, Seele's slashing effect enables her to unleash multiple attacks with her basic attacks. These attacks inflict quantum damage, amounting to 50% of her attack power. However, it should be noted that this skill is limited to a single target. Additionally, her battle skill is also a single-target attack but deals significantly higher damage compared to her basic attacks. It guarantees 100% damage and grants a speed bonus, persisting for a duration of two turns.

In addition to her impressive battle skills, Seele's ultimate skill delivers an amplification effect, resulting in 240% damage based on her attack attribute. Furthermore, her secret technique introduces a stealth effect, enabling her to evade enemy attacks effectively. Consequently, the majority of her attacks exhibit substantial power, establishing her as an exceptional choice for primary output in battles.

How to allocate points for Seele in Honkai Star Rail

1. Recommended skill allocation for Seele

It is advisable to give priority to investing points in her ultimate skill and battle skill. Afterwards, direct your attention to allocating points to her talent and basic attacks. Achieving level 4 for basic attacks will provide you with a notable speed advantage. Upon reaching level 6, you can effectively enhance the slashing line, which offers substantial returns. Increasing talent damage will greatly benefit the ultimate skill, leading to significant overall gains.

2. Recommended relic selection for Seele

The initial relic to choose is the four-piece set named "Brilliant Genius Under the Star Flag." Afterward, you can consider the two-piece set known as the "Leaf Space Sealing Station." The former enhances Seele's quantum damage and improves her effectiveness against groups of enemies with quantum vulnerabilities. The latter provides a significant attack power bonus to the character and has suitable triggering conditions.

Furthermore, when selecting relics for Seele, you can choose from Brilliant Genius of the Stars, Quick Marksman of the Wilderness Companion, or the Space Sealing Station. Alternatively, a combination of two from each set can be used for transitional purposes. This approach allows you to achieve the desired effect in later stages of the game.

3. Recommended stigmata for Seele

When selecting stigmata, you should consider the Butterfly Dance first. This can effectively enhance smoothness, and combining it with her exclusive weapon effect will yield better results. Her second and fourth stigmata are specifically designed for slashing, and the increase in values after the third stigmata is relatively significant. However, reaching the sixth stigmata is not achievable for an ordinary team and requires a special setup.

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Analysis of Seele's skills in Honkai Star Rail

Seele possesses a basic attack that targets a single enemy, inflicting damage based on her attack power ratio, which increases as she levels up. This attack is influenced by counter-restraints and the target's defense. The battle skill shares similar effects to the basic attack but has a significantly higher ratio. Additionally, it grants Seele additional action points, enabling her to act more swiftly in the next round, although it consumes one action point. On the other hand, her ultimate skill greatly enhances her damage potential and allows her to enter the amplification state without relying on her talent, resulting in an exaggerated burst of damage for single-target output.

Whenever Seele defeats enemies using her basic attacks, battle skills, or ultimate skill, her talent immediately triggers the amplification state. This grants her an extra turn and amplifies the damage of her current action, making it a crucial skill for Seele. It significantly boosts her burst damage and provides her with greater flexibility. As a result, many players construct chase teams centered around Seele to capitalize on this skill.

Outside of combat, Seele possesses a secret technique that allows her to enter a stealth state, effectively evading enemy pursuit. In practical combat scenarios, even if enemies have detected Seele, she can employ this secret technique to confuse and elude them, ensuring she won't be dragged into battle.


From the above introduction, it can be seen that Seele's role in the game is a primary single-target damage dealer (Main C). Her chase ability is very useful in turn-based gameplay, so if you pull her, you don't have to worry about early progression and will be ahead of other players. If you want to learn more about other characters, you can follow Redfinger's Android emulator platform.

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