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Bailu is a 5-star support character in Honkai Star Rail who specializes in healing. She can provide single-target and AoE healing to the team, and her skill also has a "revive" effect, making her a strong choice for players who enjoy playing support. The guide will provide a detailed introduction on how to obtain Bailu in Honkai Star Rail.

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How to obtain Bailu in Honkai Star Rail

Utilizing the standard pool is the most efficient method for players to acquire Bailu in a timely manner. Furthermore, Honkai Star Rail generously grants players numerous complimentary draws from the standard pool, while the Sim Battle offers corresponding card rewards on a weekly basis. Even excluding alternative avenues for obtaining cards, players can amass sufficient resources for a ten-pull from the standard pool every two to three weeks. Nevertheless, due to the uniform probabilities of attaining a 5-star character across all characters in the standard pool, the outcome may include other 5-star characters as well. Ultimately, the result primarily hinges on luck.

Likewise, the Honkai Star Rail's beginner pool offers an opportunity to obtain Bailu, a 5-star character, within 50 pulls. However, the odds of acquiring Bailu from the beginner pool are identical to those in the standard pool. Due to the beginner pool's advantage of requiring fewer pulls to reach the guaranteed 5-star character and providing a 20% discount on pulls (a ten-pull only consumes eight cards), it is advisable for players to test their luck in the beginner pool before venturing into the standard pool.

In addition, the standard pool offers a feature that allows players to choose a character after making 300 pulls. This means that if players are unable to acquire Bailu through regular methods, they can directly obtain her once they reach the 300-pull mark in the standard pool. However, this requirement may be quite demanding for most players. On the positive side, there is no time restriction, enabling players to gradually accumulate their pulls over time.

Introduction to Bailu's skills in Honkai Star Rail

Bailu possesses a primary attack that harnesses her physical prowess. As a dragon-inspired character, she inflicts lightning damage by swinging her dragon tail. Conversely, her ultimate ability is focused on healing. It replenishes 9% of Bailu's maximum HP to a single team member and provides an additional 94 HP.

When it comes to restoring HP randomly to two characters, subsequent healing is influenced by a 15% reduction after the initial restoration. However, Bailu's burst skill surpasses her previous abilities in terms of potency. It instantaneously restores the HP of all allies to full. In cases where no allies have fallen, it can also bestow a regenerative effect.

If there are already allies benefiting from regeneration, the duration of the regenerative effect will be extended. Finally, her ultimate skill is most effective when used prior to battles as it can apply the regenerative effect to all members. It is advisable to bestow this buff upon all teammates before engaging in combat.

Honkai Star Rail

How to choose Bailu's stigmata in Honkai Star Rail

When selecting stigmata for Bailu, it is crucial to take into account her individual traits and make suitable choices, considering she is a genuine support character. Among the top recommendations for her is the "Seasons Unsettled" stigmata, a highly acclaimed 5-star option. This stigmata offers exceptional versatility, proving invaluable in various situations. In battles against adversaries, it grants a substantial 24% increase to maximum HP and boosts healing effects by 25%. These enhancements are truly remarkable and greatly amplify Bailu's capabilities on the battlefield.

The standard pool frequently contains this particular item and it can also be acquired through exchange at the shop. Among the vast array of stigmata available, it is widely regarded as a fitting choice for Bailu. Another highly recommended option is the 4-star stigmata called "Same Emotions," which can be obtained by spending diamonds in draws. It primarily enhances HP and grants a 10% bonus to healing during battles against foes. Additionally, it replenishes 2 SP for all team members, which aligns perfectly with Bailu's supportive role.


Bailu plays an important role as a support character in the team. Her damage output is not strong, so when equipping her, it is necessary to consider increasing her attack power to improve the chances of winning. In the game Honkai Star Rail, each character has distinct abilities, and winning battles does not solely rely on having a stronger character. The selection and composition of the team are more important. Therefore, the Redfinger Android emulator platform introduces each character while also sharing the necessity of team composition and how to go about it. These guides can be obtained through the official Redfinger website.

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