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Honkai Star Rail is an awesome turn-based interstellar adventure mobile game. In this game, the strength of your team is determined by the characters, and Clara is a very strong character. To obtain Clara, you need to use diamonds for draws. If you manage to draw her, you can directly add her to your team. However, draws usually involve uncertainty, so no one knows how many draws it will take to get her. This guide will provide a detailed introduction to Clara as a character.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail - Clara Skills Introduction

Clara possesses a basic attack that inflicts modest physical damage on a single foe, making it rather straightforward. Although its damage output is not exceptionally high, it focuses exclusively on one enemy. Hence, there isn't much more to elaborate on this skill. Her ultimate ability, on the other hand, is an area-of-effect (AoE) attack capable of striking multiple adversaries. If Clara's robotic companion, Svall, marks an enemy, it results in additional physical damage. However, this mark can only be utilized once and loses its effectiveness once triggered. Consequently, it becomes particularly valuable during counterattacks.

Clara's finisher skill empowers her to evade incoming attacks. Upon activation, she significantly reduces the chances of being targeted while augmenting Svall's counterattack capabilities, ensuring a 100% success rate. Moreover, when counterattacking a specific enemy, Clara also inflicts half the damage on an adjacent foe.

Additionally, Clara possesses a secret skill that immediately inflicts damage on a single target. However, after a successful attack, the likelihood of Clara being targeted in the subsequent round increases. In essence, while dealing damage, Clara exposes herself to a certain level of danger. These skills primarily serve for offensive purposes. Nevertheless, considering Clara's average strength, it is advisable to employ her as a supportive DPS (damage per second) character.

Honkai Star Rail - Clara Skill Allocation

Clara exhibits a character profile centered around destruction, resulting in relatively lower speed. Nonetheless, her attack potency and skill multipliers are exceptionally elevated. The primary contributor to her overall output stems from the substantial damage inflicted through the summoning of her robotic companion.

Firstly, her secret skill can deal damage to enemies and increase the probability of being attacked in battle. Its priority is not high, so it can be used when encountering monsters to draw their attention and protect other teammates.

Her talent skill grants her a 15% damage reduction and allows her to counterattack when attacked. It also marks the enemy for subsequent attacks. It is recommended to invest points in this skill.

Her basic attack can deal damage to enemies, and the damage increases with level. It has no additional effects and serves as a basic damage skill for Clara. It is not recommended to prioritize leveling up this skill unless you have sufficient resources.

Her ultimate skill summons a robot that deals damage to all enemies. It can also inflict additional damage on marked enemies. The skill clears the mark after damaging the enemy. This skill is Clara's primary damage-dealing skill and highly recommended to invest points in. It can be used frequently during battles and provides significant output.

After using her ultimate skill, Clara's chances of being attacked increase significantly. For the next two rounds, she gains a 15% damage reduction and her counterattacks are enhanced twice. Whenever any character in the team is attacked, the robot companion will counterattack, dealing 50% damage to adjacent enemies. This skill has the highest priority for point allocation and serves as a powerful ultimate skill. It enhances damage reduction, improves counterattack damage and effectiveness against enemies. It is recommended to invest in this skill first.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail - Clara Recommended Weapons

Her exclusive weapon stands as the ultimate choice, an irreplaceable asset. With this weapon in hand, her attack power soars while granting her the ability to replenish her health by harnessing a portion of her attack energy when she faces attacks or eliminates adversaries. This exceptional armament enhances her survival prowess, amplifies her destructive potential, and maintains its effectiveness until the next encounter. Undoubtedly, this weapon is the prime recommendation for Clara, as it seamlessly complements her skill set. Notably, it elevates her survival capabilities to unprecedented levels, transforming her into an unstoppable tank for the team, all the while significantly bolstering her damage output.

Another good choice is the Fallen Star God weapon. This weapon allows Clara to gain a buff that increases her attack power after performing normal attacks or using her mech. It reaches its maximum stack after four skill activations and provides a damage boost when attacking weak point characters for two rounds. This weapon can be obtained for free in the simulation universe by earning points through challenging stages. Interested players can go there to challenge and exchange for it.

For a four-star weapon, the Vow of Love is recommended. This weapon increases Clara's damage and deals additional damage when facing enemies with higher HP. It also enhances her chances of being attacked. Since Clara's damage mainly comes from counterattacks after being injured, this weapon is highly recommended. It's relatively easy for ordinary players to obtain from the gacha pool, making it a friendly option.


Clara in Honkai Star Rail is a very powerful character. The detailed introduction has been provided above. However, having Clara doesn't guarantee victory in the game. The composition of your team is more important. Therefore, if you want to learn about team composition and achieve victory in battles, it is recommended to obtain tips from the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

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