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The Serval character's performance in the game is rather lackluster, with average displayed effects. From the current assessment, this character appears to be quite ordinary and doesn't stand out significantly. Let's delve into a detailed analysis below.

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Serval Character Introduction in Honkai Star Rail

Serval possesses the Thunder attribute, which inflicts significant damage on enemies. When she activates her ultimate skill, it deals full Thunder attribute damage and remains active for two rounds. Through her secret technique, Serval can deal single-target damage to enemies and has a chance to inflict them with the electric state. Obtaining Serval is relatively easy, especially in the early stages of the game when Thunder characters may encounter enemies weak against Thunder, enabling quick elimination and reducing damage to our team.

While Serval's performance is decent, it is considered average when compared to other characters. There are numerous alternatives for developing other characters besides focusing solely on gaining experience points, such as prioritizing the main character Black Tower, among others. Characters that are simpler and easier to use are generally more straightforward to develop compared to Serval. Serval may achieve optimal results only when paired with Kafuka. Currently, she is the only character capable of inflicting the electric state on enemies independently, and without Kafuka's support, her effectiveness may be diminished. It is advisable to practice with other characters before relying heavily on Serval. Her current performance is average, regardless of whether in China or Japan. The situation may change only when Kafuka is introduced, although practical tests are yet to be conducted to determine the addition of new support roles.

Overall, Serval specializes in dealing area-of-effect damage with electric effects. Her output is relatively consistent, but her burst damage potential is not particularly high. Unless one is specifically focused on accumulating experience points, it is not recommended to prioritize Serval as the main character for development. However, if she is included as a member of Kafuka's team, it might be worth trying. Many players utilize Serval for initial exploration, but her popularity tends to decline in the late game. Reaching around level 24 with Serval is sufficient before shifting attention to acquiring other main characters. This situation also reflects the character's inherent weaknesses.

Honkai Star Rail Serval's Skill Introduction

When Serval employs her secret technique against an enemy weak to Thunder, there is a chance that the enemy will be weakened after the battle. Additionally, there is a certain probability that the enemy will be inflicted with the electric state, which triggers Serval's talent to deal damage to all enemies affected by electricity. This electric effect, combined with Serval's ability to quickly charge her ultimate skill, forms the central mechanism of her skills. Consequently, many players choose to utilize her as their initial attacker when assembling a team with Serval.

Moreover, Serval's combat technique possesses the capability to inflict the electric state on enemies. Although this technique targets a single enemy in terms of damage, it also affects adjacent enemies, albeit with a significant reduction in strength (only 30% of the base damage). It functions as a small-scale AoE skill.

Serval's ultimate skill serves as her primary offensive maneuver. Upon activation, it inflicts Thunder AoE damage on all enemies. If the enemies already have the electric state, the duration of their electric state is extended by an additional 2 rounds. This skill can be seen as an enhanced version of Serval's combat technique, particularly when all enemies are under the electric state. When Serval's passive ability is triggered, her damage output for that round becomes exceptionally potent.

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How to Equip Serval in Honkai Star Rail?

In Honkai Star Rail, characters have the option to equip different pieces of equipment for various body parts, with a maximum limit of 6 equipment pieces per character. This allows for two unique combinations per character. One of the characters, Serval, belongs to the Thunder element category. To enhance her damage output, players can opt for the Thundering Sonata set. Equipping this four-piece set amplifies her attack power by 20% when using skills, resulting in a significant damage boost. This set is definitely worth considering.

Another excellent choice for Serval is the Quick Shooter set, which offers two distinct equipment combinations: a two-piece set and a four-piece set. The four-piece set increases normal attack damage by 10% and grants a 6% speed boost. On the other hand, the two-piece set boosts attack power by 10%. Both options provide valuable enhancements to Serval's abilities and playstyle.


In Honkai Star Rail, it is generally not advisable to choose Serval as the main character if other main characters are available. Serval lacks the potential for extensive development, which could hinder your overall experience. However, if you haven't acquired any other characters yet, using Serval as the main character can still provide a decent progression and exploration experience. It's important to note, though, that Serval's low damage multiplier and output are significant drawbacks that cannot be easily overcome. If you're seeking a powerful main character, it's recommended to refer to additional guides available on the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

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