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In Honkai Star Rail, Gepard is not actually a difficult-to-obtain character. As a 5-star ice attribute character, many players in the game include Gepard in their lineup as a shield. This is because there has always been a comparison between Gepard and March 7th, as March 7th is a popular defensive character that many people like to use. Gepard, too, is a useful defensive character, and when compared, Gepard actually has an advantage in terms of attributes.

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Gepard's abilities in Honkai Star Rail

We shouldn't set our expectations too high for Gepard's output. Currently, its main output is a basic attack, while its other skills primarily focus on defense. One of its abilities, "Shocking Strike," inflicts ice damage. We won't delve into the specific damage values at the moment. The crucial aspect is that this attack has a chance to freeze the enemy, rendering them immobile. If Gepard goes first, it can effectively limit the opponent's output, and there is a relatively high probability of triggering this additional freezing effect, with a 65% chance of activation.

However, the freezing effect does more than just immobilize the opponent. While frozen, the target also suffers continuous damage equal to 30% of Gepard's original damage value in subsequent rounds. Therefore, if the freeze is triggered, it has a lasting detrimental effect on the target.

But Gepard's main role is not limited to that. Gepard is primarily responsible for defense in the team, so its ultimate skill should be considered. Using the ultimate skill can bring chaos to the team members, but the value of the shield depends on Gepard's current defense. Therefore, if Gepard's level is higher, the defense value provided will be higher as well. This shield can last for three rounds, but if the opponent's output is strong, it will deplete the shield.

Compared to the three-round duration of the shield provided by the ultimate skill, Gepard's initial defense is also a distinctive ability. At the beginning of the battle, the combat technique can take effect and provide a shield for the team. Of course, this shield cannot be compared to the ultimate skill, but it can still provide some defense when used at the start.

So this character is still recommended for use. You can set a development direction for Gepard and allocate talent points based on its core abilities. The most suitable talent is "Battle Instinct" since it focuses more on defense. Points in damage and combat skills can be added later, but initially, prioritize the ultimate defense skill.

When choosing relics to pair with Gepard, it is recommended to use the four-piece set of the "Holy Knight." The Holy Knight set can enhance overall defense and shield strength, while the "Forgemaster" set provides defense capabilities, further upgrading interaction. The "Iron Guard" set can also be chosen for a strong effect when paired together. For the main attributes, since the fixed health and fixed attributes of the head and hands cannot be changed, it is advisable to choose defense for the torso and speed for the feet. The interdimensional sphere should enhance defense, while the connecting rope restores energy. As for the secondary attributes, prioritize resistance first, then effects, and stack speed ability later. Once it reaches a 50% threshold, the effect of the Forgemaster set will be triggered.

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How to choose a Gepard weapon in Honkai Star Rail Gepard

This character is an exceptional companion for early-game exploration, providing valuable assistance. As a five-star character, he possesses an exclusive weapon known as the "Moment of Victory." This weapon offers remarkable benefits, significantly bolstering the wearer's defense power and enhancing the accuracy of their control skills. It greatly amplifies the chances of freezing enemies and draws enemy attacks towards the wearer, effectively diverting firepower and safeguarding other characters from harm. Undoubtedly, the "Moment of Victory" is the optimal weapon for Gepard, and it is strongly recommended for players who fulfill the necessary conditions to acquire it.

Another notable weapon is called "Material." It empowers the wearer with heightened resistance to various effects and grants the ability to generate a shield based on the wearer's remaining health after being attacked. This shield mitigates incoming damage, bolstering the character's durability. What's even better is that players can obtain this weapon for free by engaging in battles within the simulated universe and amassing sufficient materials for exchange.

For novice players who possess limited resources, the preferred four-star weapon is the "Langdao." This equipment augments the wearer's chances of drawing enemy attacks while reducing the damage sustained. It is highly recommended for tank characters, enabling them to endure more effectively during the early stages of the game. Furthermore, its attributes surpass those of other three-star weapons. It is advisable for novice players to make efforts to acquire this weapon.


Based on the above text, in Honkai Star Rail Gepard, if you enjoy defensive characters, you might as well give Gepard a try. Additionally, you can obtain more Gepard tips through the Redfinger Android emulator platform, which can increase your chances of victory.

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