Honkai Star Rail: Which Character Should You Choose at the Beginning?

Honkai Star Rail has recently been officially released, and because many people are unfamiliar with this game, they are unsure which character to choose at the start of the game. Therefore, the Redfinger Android emulator platform has tested this game and compiled this guide to help many gamers understand the gameplay of this game and how to choose a character at the beginning.

Honkai Star Rail

Gameplay of Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a popular turn-based combat game that has captured the hearts of both new and experienced players with its unique combat mechanism known as War Skills. These skills are essential for engaging in battles within the game.

To fully grasp the gameplay of Honkai Star Rail, players must first understand its turn-based duel mode. This mode follows a familiar pattern where opponents take turns attacking each other. However, the game has added an exciting twist to this traditional gameplay by introducing the War Skills mechanism, which injects a lot of fun into battles.

Upon entering the game, players will notice a vertical bar on the left side of the interface. This bar displays the avatars of both the enemy and the player, representing the turn order of each side during gameplay. Typically, the avatar positioned at the top signifies the attacking side, while the one at the bottom represents the defending side. During the player's turn, they can unleash War Skills, each offering unique enhancements based on the current battle situation. Additionally, damaging the enemy target will recover one War Skill Point.

The availability of War Skill Points determines a player's ability to utilize War Skills. The maximum number of War Skill Points that can be accumulated in a single turn is five, and each activation of a War Skill consumes 2 points. In other words, players can use their War Skills a maximum of 2 times per turn. Once a War Skill has been used twice, the remaining points are insufficient to trigger another skill. In essence, War Skills function as character-specific abilities and play a crucial role in the outcome of battles.

Honkai Star Rail

Choosing a Character at the Beginning of Honkai Star Rail

Choosing a character at the beginning of Honkai Star Rail is a crucial step. Understanding which character is most worth developing can prevent players from consuming too many resources in the early stages of combat.

1. Most Worth Developing Characters at the Beginning

Considering the current game performance of players, the optimal character choices at the beginning are DanHeng, Black Tower, and Natasha. The final selection, however, offers more flexibility, whether it involves acquiring the 5-star character Seele, Yanqing, or any other 4-star characters, as there is a high degree of freedom in mixing and matching. The primary rationale behind this recommendation is that these three characters effectively encompass all the essential aspects required in a lineup. While DanHeng and Black Tower are both output-focused characters, they excel in distinct areas.

2. Advantages of DanHeng and Black Tower

DanHeng is a specialized character known for inflicting high damage on single targets, showcasing exceptional performance in terms of both regular attacks and ultimate skills. In battles, when landing a critical hit, DanHeng can also decrease the speed of the enemy target, hindering their progress. Moreover, when the ultimate skill is employed against decelerated foes, it significantly amplifies the damage dealt. By utilizing these two abilities in tandem, the resulting output rivals that of 5-star characters.

On the contrary, Black Tower possesses an entirely distinct skill set. It excels in launching attacks against groups of enemies, with its damage output increasing in proportion to the number of foes present. Its talent allows for an additional follow-up attack upon reducing the target's health by half. Both its War Skills and ultimate skill are designed to maximize damage against multiple targets. Additionally, its War Skills grant additional damage bonuses when targeting enemies with high health. Black Tower can be developed as an ice-based character specializing in area-of-effect attacks or tailored to meet specific requirements.

3. Natasha: More Suitable for Early Battles

Natasha's primary role revolves around healing, although she falls short compared to the 5-star character Bailu in terms of healing prowess. Nevertheless, her overall performance is still well-rounded, as she is capable of providing healing to both individuals and groups. Additionally, she possesses a talent that grants a healing bonus to targets with lower health. With this combination of skills, she proves to be a valuable asset in early battles, and her progression is relatively smoother. Furthermore, her secret technique has the potential to weaken a single target when utilized in combat. Currently, she is the sole 4-star support character in the early exploration teams, making her development a recommended priority. However, if you manage to acquire the 5-star character Bailu, it's worth considering developing her as a member of your secondary team.


Honkai Star Rail provides players with many characters through the system. If you are not planning to spend money on the game, as long as players can properly match and utilize these characters, they can ensure smooth progress in the early stages of exploration. Therefore, when starting the game, it is not crucial which character you obtain. If you are not a professional gamer, using the Redfinger Android emulator to download and play Honkai Star Rail would be more suitable for you.

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