Redfinger | The Thrilling PvP Experience in Black Desert Mobile

PvP in Black Desert Mobile is a favorite part for many players. The intense battles can make people excited, but they also test the player's familiarity with the game. Only by fully understanding the PvP aspect of this game can you achieve the best gaming experience.

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Ramones Battlefield: Unleash Strategic Skills in 3v3 Battles

The Ramones Battlefield serves as a battleground for intense 3v3 battles, where adventurers team up and face off against each other. Cooperation and strategic planning are crucial to achieving victory in this challenging arena. Players can unlock access to the Ramones Battlefield by completing the "Conqueror of Gaikuru" quest in the southeastern region of Calpheon. The battlefield is available for battles from Monday to Friday between 19:00 and 01:00, and on weekends from 13:00 to 01:00.

Team Composition and Gameplay Mechanics

When entering the Ramones Battlefield alone, players are randomly matched with other adventurers to form a team. Alternatively, players can form a team with guild members, friends, or invite specific players using their family names. Each battle in the Ramones Battlefield lasts for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Within this timeframe, players earn points by eliminating enemy adventurers, destroying battlefield artifacts and statues, and showcasing their combat prowess. The team with the highest score at the end emerges victorious.

Battlefield Artifacts and Strategic Buffs

Throughout the Ramones Battlefield, adventurers will come across artifacts strategically placed at random locations. Destroying these artifacts not only grants points but also rewards players with various buffs, enhancing their capabilities during battles. These buffs include Healing Artifacts that restore a portion of the player's health, Frozen Artifacts that inflict a freezing debuff on enemies, Amplifying Artifacts that temporarily boost combat power and movement speed, Thunder Artifacts that unleash devastating lightning strikes, and Rescue Artifacts that aid allies while hindering foes.

Battlefield Statues and Epic Showdowns

As the battle rages on, three Battlefield Statues will appear at designated locations within the Ramones Battlefield. Destroying these statues not only awards a significant number of points but also grants a temporary boost to movement speed. Moreover, when the battle nears its climax, a fearsome entity known as Lagus emerges in the central area of the battlefield. Lagus signifies the culmination of the battle, and adventurers who manage to defeat this formidable foe are rewarded handsomely, both in terms of points and a dramatic transformation into lightning.

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Immersive Perspectives and Battle Strategies

Black Desert Mobile offers players the option to switch between different perspectives during PvP battles. By utilizing the camera button on the mini-map, players can seamlessly transition to the "Combat Mode View," providing a dynamic and engaging combat experience. Additionally, players can adjust their viewpoint to focus on their character's perspective by selecting the "Look Forward" button in the character status window. These perspective options allow players to strategize effectively and adapt to the ever-changing battlefield conditions.

Siege Wars: The Ultimate Test of Guild Dominance

In addition to the Ramones Battlefield, Black Desert Mobile features epic Siege Wars that showcase the pinnacle of guild-based PvP gameplay. Siege Wars take place in various castles, offering an immersive and strategic experience for guilds seeking to assert their dominance.

Participating in Siege Wars

Siege Wars are available on each server and feature two distinct locations: Gu Yansiege War and Karettian Siege War. To participate in Siege Wars, guilds must meet certain requirements. They need to have a guild level of 5 or above or possess at least two stage outposts. These requirements ensure that guilds are adequately prepared for the challenges that await them in the Siege Wars. Guild leaders and vice leaders have the exclusive privilege of bidding for Siege Wars and managing the participation of their guild.

Bidding and Guild Preparation

Bidding for Siege Wars involves utilizing guild funds to secure a position in the battle. Once the bidding period concludes, the guild with the highest bid is randomly selected to participate in the Siege War. Guilds that successfully secure a castle bid will liberate all occupied outposts associated with that castle. From the moment of successful bidding until the end of the Siege War, the guild cannot accept new members, remove existing members, or disband the guild. This ensures that the participating guild remains focused and committed throughout the intense battles.

Castle Defense and Attack

During the Siege War, guilds are divided into defenders and attackers. The defending guild aims to protect their castle, while the attacking guilds strive to capture the castle and claim it as their own. Each guild has a preparation period to strategize and prepare for the impending battle. Guild members can utilize territory materials to reinforce relics, protective walls, and defense towers, enhancing the defenses of their castle. However, the structures that need reinforcement differ between the attacking and defending guilds, adding another layer of strategic depth to the Siege Wars.

Summoning Weapons and Creatures

Siege Wars introduce a range of powerful weapons and creatures that can be summoned to gain an edge in battle. Guild leaders and vice leaders have the authority to summon these assets. The arsenal allows the production of cannons, while the ranch enables the production of elephants and giants. However, the types of weapons and creatures available to the attacking and defending guilds differ. Effective utilization of these assets can turn the tide of the battle and provide a decisive advantage.


PvP is an important part of Black Desert Mobile, and there are many skills involved, which cannot be fully introduced in this article. Players can download the Redfinger Android emulator, and there will be many introductions to PVP skills. 

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