How to obtain silver coins in Black Desert Mobile?

In Black Desert Mobile, silver coins are an essential resource for players as they embark on their quests. Players need to acquire a significant amount of silver coins to purchase materials required for upgrading and, of course, for acquiring weapons and equipment. In this article, we will delve into various methods of obtaining silver coins in Black Desert Mobile, ensuring that you won't be troubled by a shortage of silver coins in the game.

Black Desert Mobile

Contribution Donations: Maximizing Income through Generosity

Contributions donations serve as a fundamental way to earn silver coins. By interacting with the dedicated NPCs in each main city or village, players can open the contribution page and make donations to receive rewarding returns. We explore the contribution catalog, its sources, and the optimal strategies to make the most of this income stream.

Defeating Ancient Relics and Bosses

Engaging in battles against ancient relics and formidable bosses not only grants adventurers a sense of accomplishment but also lucrative silver coin rewards. Discover the entry requirements, entry tickets, and tips to triumph over these challenging encounters, ensuring a steady influx of wealth.

Atar's Trial

Atar's Trial presents a unique opportunity for adventurers to test their skills in single-player dungeons. While silver coins may not be part of the daily rewards, there are valuable rewards to be obtained at each stage. 

Altar of the Brave

The multiplayer team dungeon, Altar of the Brave, brings adventurers closer as they tackle challenges collectively. With shared rewards, strategizing with players of similar or higher combat power can maximize the silver coin earnings. 


Participating in the arena battles not only satiates the thirst for competition but also offers a bountiful source of silver coins. With ten free battles available daily, we uncover the potential rewards and strategies to make your mark in the arena, securing a steady income in the process.

Daily Quests

Daily quests prove to be an invaluable means of accumulating silver coins. Completing specific tasks on the daily quest list unlocks generous payouts, ensuring a substantial daily income. We delve into the tasks, their rewards, and the importance of diligently fulfilling these quests to boost your wealth.


Fishing is a crucial aspect in Black Desert Mobile, where players can convert their catches into silver coins by contributing to the fishing system. Therefore, as a beginner in the game, it is essential to explore the fishing contribution mechanics, discover various fishing spots, and learn how to optimize your fishing activities to maximize your economic gains.

Field Auto-Farming

For adventurers seeking a more relaxed approach to wealth accumulation, field auto-farming presents a viable option. Engage in automated battles against small monsters, collect valuable loot, and sell it to NPCs for silver coins. We provide guidance on choosing the optimal farming map, combat power considerations, and efficient strategies to maximize your profits.

Black Desert Mobile

How to use Refinger to obtain silver coins in Black Desert Mobile?

Redfinger is an incredibly useful Android game emulator that provides a multitude of features to enhance your gaming experience. One of its standout functionalities is the 24-hour uninterrupted hang-up function, which allows you to delve into the world of gaming without any disruptions. With Redfinger, you have the opportunity to create multiple accounts, and leverage their uninterrupted Auto-Farming capability to amass a substantial number of silver coins for your main account in a convenient and efficient manner. If you're eager to embark on an exciting journey in Black Desert Mobile while maximizing your rewards, here's a step-by-step guide on how to download and play the game using Redfinger.

1. Begin by initiating a search for "REDFINGER" on Google Play. Once located, proceed to download the Redfinger app onto your Android device. Alternatively, you can opt to visit the official Redfinger website and access the app via your preferred web browser. 

2. After successfully installing Redfinger, embark on the sign-in process to gain entry into the Redfinger cloud smartphone. This cloud-based smartphone serves as the gateway to a vast range of virtualized Android environments, enabling you to enjoy various games and applications effortlessly. If you encounter any challenges during the sign-in process, we recommend referring to our comprehensive tutorial videos, which provide clear and concise instructions to help troubleshoot common issues.

3. Once inside the Redfinger environment, navigate to the REDFINGER APP Store and locate the search bar. Input "Black Desert Mobile" into the search bar.

4. Upon locating Black Desert Mobile within the REDFINGER APP Store, proceed to download and install the game within the Redfinger environment. 

5.Once Black Desert Mobile has been successfully installed, it's time to start playing the game.


Obtaining silver coins in Black Desert Mobile is actually quite easy, but it can be time-consuming. Therefore, using an Android game emulator to earn silver coins is a method that we highly recommend.

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