Redfinger | Pets and Weapons in Black Desert Mobile

In the previous article, we introduced some game skills about Black Desert Mobile, but we have never mentioned pets and weapon systems. Recently, we saw many players searching for related guides. Therefore, Redfinger Android emulator platform specially wrote this This guide is designed to help players get a better gaming experience.

Black Desert Mobile

Pets: Loyal Companions of the Adventurer

Pets in Black Desert Mobile serve as loyal companions, providing not only visual appeal but also practical benefits during gameplay. From cats and dogs to exotic creatures like hawks and pandas, players can choose from a wide variety of pets. Each pet possesses unique skills and abilities that aid adventurers in various aspects of their journey, including combat, looting, and gathering resources. Moreover, pets can be leveled up, learn new skills, and even transform into more powerful forms, becoming indispensable allies in the pursuit of greatness.

In combat, pets in Black Desert Mobile play an active role, standing side by side with adventurers in the heat of battle. These faithful companions can attack enemies, provide buffs to the player's abilities, and even revive fallen characters. With their help, adventurers gain a significant advantage, enabling them to overcome challenging encounters and conquer formidable foes. Through careful selection and nurturing, players can form formidable teams with their pets, augmenting their combat prowess and ensuring victory in even the most arduous battles.

One of the key advantages of pets in Black Desert Mobile lies in their ability to assist with looting and gathering resources. As adventurers explore the expansive world, pets can automatically pick up loot dropped by defeated enemies, saving players precious time and effort. Additionally, pets can be trained to gather resources such as herbs, ores, and logs, ensuring a steady supply of valuable materials for crafting and trading. With pets diligently aiding in looting and gathering, adventurers can focus more on exploration, combat, and other engaging aspects of the game.

weapon system

Black Desert Mobile offers a vast selection of weapons, catering to a wide range of playstyles and combat preferences. From swift and nimble dual blades to mighty axes and elegant bows, each weapon class possesses unique traits and skill sets. Players can choose their preferred weapon type and embark on a journey of mastering its intricacies. With multiple weapon slots available, adventurers can even switch between different weapon types on the fly, adapting to various combat situations and unleashing devastating combos upon their foes.

Weapon Enhancements

In the world of Black Desert Mobile, the journey to becoming a formidable warrior does not end with acquiring a powerful weapon. Enhancing weapons through the Black Stone system is crucial to unlock their full potential. Through a process of enhancement, players can increase the stats and power of their weapons, making them more effective in combat. However, enhancing weapons also carries risks, as failure can lead to downgrades or even destruction of the weapon. 

Weapon Awakening: Ascend to New Heights

For those seeking even greater power, the awakening system in Black Desert Mobile offers a thrilling path to ascend beyond the limits of conventional weaponry. By undergoing a rigorous questline and fulfilling specific requirements, players can awaken their weapons, granting them access to a new set of devastating skills and abilities.

Black Desert Mobile

Weapon Customization

Black Desert Mobile goes beyond the standard notion of weapons by offering a robust customization system. Players can personalize their weapons through various means, including weapon skins, dyes, and engraving. Weapon skins allow adventurers to change the appearance of their weapons, adding a touch of individuality to their character's visual identity. Dyes enable players to color their weapons, creating a distinct and eye-catching aesthetic. 

Weapon Mastery

In Black Desert Mobile, mastering a weapon involves honing specific skills and techniques unique to each weapon class. As players progress and gain experience, they unlock new abilities and combos, expanding their arsenal of devastating attacks. Through practice, perseverance, and a deep understanding of their chosen weapon, adventurers can reach new heights of combat proficiency.


Black Desert Mobile lacks any distinctive qualities when it comes to the concept of pets. However, the game truly shines with its exceptional weapon system. It's important to note that acquiring superior weapons still requires a combination of luck and dedication.

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