Redfinger | Exploring the Trading Systems in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile, the popular mobile adaptation of the acclaimed MMORPG Black Desert Online. The trading system in Black Desert Mobile includes the market and Shakatu's shop. In this guide, Redfinger will introduce players to their mechanics and how to operate them in detail.

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The Marketplace: A Hub for Player-to-Player Trading

The Marketplace in Black Desert Mobile serves as a central hub where players can engage in trade with one another. It provides a platform for buying and selling various items and allows adventurers to search for the specific items they need. Let's take a closer look at its features and functionalities:

1. Item Categorization and Filtering:

The Marketplace in Black Desert Mobile provides adventurers with a wide range of categories to facilitate the search for desired items. By utilizing the main categories located on the left side of the interface, players can narrow down their search and quickly find the items they are looking for. Whether they are in need of main weapons, sub-weapons, armor, or any other specific item, the Marketplace allows adventurers to set specific search conditions such as item level and equipment slot, further refining their search and ensuring that they find the items that best suit their needs. This categorization and filtering system greatly enhances the efficiency and convenience of the trading experience in Black Desert Mobile's Marketplace.

2. Purchasing Methods:

The Marketplace provides three different methods of purchasing items: auction with a maximum price, immediate purchase, and pre-order. Through the auction with a maximum price, players have the opportunity to bid on items within a specific price range. Immediate purchase, on the other hand, allows adventurers to acquire items instantly at the current lowest price without having to wait for the auction to end. Lastly, the pre-order option enables players to reserve items in advance and receive a notification when they become available for purchase.

3. Bidding and Pre-order Mechanics:

On the Marketplace, items are listed with a designated bidding period, allowing players to place their bids. There are two methods of bidding available: automatic pre-order and auction with a maximum price. The automatic pre-order option entails randomly selling the item to one of the adventurers who placed a pre-order. Alternatively, the auction with a maximum price option sells the item to the highest bidder once it becomes available.

4. Cancelling and Collecting Purchased Items:

There are several features available for players in relation to pre-orders and purchasing items. Firstly, if players change their minds about a pre-order, they have the option to cancel it. In such cases, the system will initiate a refund for the pre-ordered Black Pearls. Secondly, for purchased items, players can easily collect them by simply clicking the "Receive Pre-Ordered Items" button. Lastly, in the event that no bids are placed on an item during the bidding period, it is possible to purchase the item immediately without waiting further. These features provide flexibility and convenience to players in managing their pre-orders and purchases in the game.

5. Selling Items on the Marketplace:

  • Players can list their own items for sale on the Marketplace.

  • The selling price is set by the adventurer listing the item.

  • Items can be sold at the current lowest price on the list.

  • The status of listed items can be "Waiting for Sale," "Selling," "Sale Ended," or "Listing Ended."

  • Items in the "Selling" status can be canceled.

6. Settlement and Tax:

Players can collect the Black Pearls obtained from completed sales by clicking the "Settlement" button in the game. However, during the settlement process, the Marketplace deducts a tax of 3 Black Pearls per item. It's worth noting that equipment items can be settled up to 5 times per day, providing players with multiple opportunities to collect their earned Black Pearls.

Black Desert Mobile

Shakatu's Shop: A Wealth of Opportunities

Shakatu's Shop is a unique establishment run by the wealthy merchant Shakatu. Located in Valencia, the shop offers adventurers a chance to acquire various items using Ancient Gold Coins. Let's explore the features and offerings of Shakatu's Shop:

1. Accessing Shakatu's Shop:

Players need to complete the quest "Subdue: Red Nose" to gain access to Shakatu's Shop.

2. Currency and Item Exchange:

In Shakatu's Shop, the primary currency employed is Ancient Gold Coins, which players can acquire through various means such as completing daily quests, exploring Ancient Ruins, or engaging in activities within the Land of Valor. With these Ancient Gold Coins at their disposal, players have the opportunity to purchase an extensive selection of equipment and accessories from the shop.

3. Available Items:

Shakatu's Shop provides a range of 11 coin items for purchase, encompassing main weapons, sub-weapons, armor, helmets, gloves, shoes, rings, necklaces, belts, earrings, and bracelets. Every item in the shop requires a specific quantity of Ancient Gold Coins to be exchanged for it. However, the amount of Ancient Gold Coins necessary for each item may differ depending on the equipment slot it corresponds to.

4. Purchase Options:

When players are selecting an equipment slot, they have the option to either "Buy 1" or "Buy 10" items. Choosing "Buy 10" allows players to participate in the "Lucky Arrangement" system, which offers additional benefits. The Lucky Arrangement system has certain requirements, beginning with the purchase of the lowest-level equipment.

5. Managing Ancient Gold Coins:

If adventurers find themselves with a limited supply of Ancient Gold Coins, it is recommended that they prioritize buying the lowest-level equipment available in their character's inventory. This approach ensures that they can make the most of their resources while still acquiring necessary gear. Additionally, players can take advantage of the convenient "Item Auto Arrange" feature, which enables automatic absorption of unwanted items. This feature greatly simplifies the inventory management process, saving time and effort for the adventurers.

6. Unlocking Extra Rewards:

When purchasing items in bundles of 10, the Lucky Arrangement system is activated, which boosts the likelihood of obtaining additional rewards. It is advisable to make use of the "Buy 10" option whenever there is an ample supply of Ancient Gold Coins, as this increases the possibility of receiving extra rewards.


Trading is an important part of Black Desert Mobile, and players often need to trade items they don't use in exchange for items they want, so knowing how to navigate these systems and use them effectively can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Redfinger is an Android emulator. Although it cannot directly help you trade items, there are many trading tips and other game skills that players need to master on this emulator platform.

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