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Many players find Black Desert Mobile's task system complex and challenging, which can negatively impact the gaming experience and require significant effort to accomplish diverse tasks. To simplify this, Redfinger has taken a deep dive into the elaborate system of missions within Black Desert Mobile, investigating its diverse categories, the rewards they offer, and techniques to optimize task completion. This guide, thus, serves as a beneficial resource for both experienced adventurers and those new to the realm of Black Desert Mobile.

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Dark Elf Missions

The Dark Elf missions in Black Desert Mobile serve as a means to acquire rewards by slaying a certain number of enemies. Players are advised to tackle these missions while progressing through the main storyline, as the enemy kill count increases simultaneously. One of the advantages of Dark Elf missions is that players need not worry about the monster's type, allowing them to save valuable time and focus on their character's development.

Daily Missions

Black Desert Mobile presents players with seven fixed daily missions that encompass a wide range of activities. These tasks may include using ancient gold coins, consuming energy, or utilizing skill books, among others. Completing these daily missions not only aids in character progression but also rewards players handsomely. Additionally, upon accomplishing the third, fifth, and seventh daily missions, players can claim extra rewards in the form of Black Pearls.

Weekly Missions

As the name suggests, weekly missions in Black Desert Mobile are assigned to players at the start of each week. These missions offer substantial rewards upon completion and follow a similar structure to the daily missions. However, the weekly missions tend to be more complex and time-consuming, requiring players to invest more effort. Coordinating these missions with the main quests can yield optimal results and ensure a bountiful harvest of Black Pearls upon finishing all weekly missions.

Challenge Missions

Challenge missions stand out as a unique and exciting component of Black Desert Mobile's mission system. These missions not only provide players with a glimpse into the game's special storyline but also offer generous rewards, including fishing, gathering resources, and hunting. However, these missions pose a greater challenge and require careful planning and preparation to succeed. Players are advised to thoroughly research the mission requirements beforehand to avoid unnecessary setbacks and time wastage.

Subjugation Missions

Subjugation missions offer players thrilling encounters with formidable bosses. Accessible through the menu's subjugation section, these missions enable players to challenge bosses they have previously defeated. By selecting the available missions and initiating the battles, players can earn valuable rewards such as Ancient Gold Coins, Black Stones, equipment, and boss-themed high-quality items. It is essential to overcome obstacles and defeat other monsters before confronting the boss, as their power increases due to dark forces during the dungeon process.

Strategies for Success

To make the most of Black Desert Mobile's mission system, players should adopt several strategies. First and foremost, efficient time management is crucial. Prioritize daily and weekly missions to ensure a consistent influx of rewards. Additionally, synergy with the main quests can save time and effort. Take advantage of the Dark Elf missions to maximize enemy kill counts while progressing through the main storyline.

In subjugation missions, carefully choose the challenges and utilize subjugation recommendation books to acquire entrance tickets. Thoroughly assess the mission requirements, understand the boss mechanics, and plan accordingly. This strategic approach will prevent wastage of valuable resources and increase the chances of success.

Another key aspect to consider is teamwork. Black Desert Mobile allows players to form guilds and join forces with fellow adventurers. Collaborating with guildmates can greatly enhance your mission experience. Coordinate your efforts, share strategies, and tackle challenging missions together for a more efficient and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Black Desert Mobile

Furthermore, staying informed about the game's updates and events is essential. Developers often introduce new missions, rewards, and limited-time events that can significantly impact your gameplay. By staying up-to-date with these developments, you can take advantage of special missions and unique rewards that may only be available for a limited period.

In addition to the mission system, it's crucial to continuously improve your character's skills and equipment. Enhancing your gear, leveling up your abilities, and acquiring powerful weapons and armor will not only increase your chances of success in missions but also contribute to your overall progress in the game. Engage in various activities such as crafting, trading, and participating in PvP battles to acquire valuable resources and strengthen your character.


To make progress in Black Desert Mobile, active participation in the mission system is crucial. By successfully accomplishing diverse missions, you'll earn experience, gold coins, and a variety of equipment rewards. However, completing these tasks can be intricate and demands continuous exploration. Hence, selecting a top-notch Android emulator becomes vital as it saves valuable time. In this regard, Redfinger proves to be an excellent choice.

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