Black Desert Mobile: A Comprehensive Equipment Guide

Black Desert Mobile is an immersive and visually stunning MMORPG that offers players a vast open world to explore, challenging quests to undertake, and fierce battles to conquer. A key aspect of the game's success lies in optimizing your equipment to enhance your character's abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of equipment enhancement in Black Desert Mobile and provide you with valuable insights on how to maximize your potential.

Black Desert Mobile

Understanding Equipment Attributes and Types

In Black Desert Mobile, equipment attributes are categorized into three primary types: Attack, Health, and Defense. Attack attributes boost your offensive capabilities, Health attributes increase your survivability, and Defense attributes reduce the damage you take. Balancing these attributes is crucial for success in various game modes.

The Attack attributes are the key indicators of your offensive capabilities. By enhancing this attribute, players can increase the damage they inflict on enemies during combat. This implies that the higher your Attack attribute, the stronger your ability to defeat adversaries and conquer various challenges that the game presents to you.

Health attributes, on the other hand, have a direct correlation with your character's survivability. This attribute determines the amount of damage your character can withstand before succumbing to the onslaught of the enemy. By focusing on Health attributes, you essentially increase your character's ability to survive longer in battles, giving you an upper hand in extended combat scenarios.

The third category, Defense attributes, primarily function to reduce the amount of damage your character receives from enemy attacks. A higher Defense attribute means that your character can endure more hits from enemies, thereby significantly prolonging their survival on the battlefield.

Maintaining a balance between these three attributes—Attack, Health, and Defense—is an essential strategy for players aiming for success in different game modes. Prioritizing one attribute over the others may lead to a less efficient performance, thus understanding how to equally distribute your resources to boost each of these attributes is crucial.

In terms of specific equipment pieces, the Main Hand weapon holds an indispensable role in augmenting your Attack power. Due to its high impact on your offensive capabilities, it should be a priority for players to level up this particular piece of equipment.

Conversely, the Off Hand, Belt, and Necklace equipment pieces are more inclined towards bolstering your Health attributes. Enhancing these pieces can significantly increase your character's life force, enabling them to sustain more damage and stay longer in fights.

Defense attributes, which are critical in reducing the damage your character takes from enemies, can be primarily enhanced through the use of certain equipment pieces such as the Helmet, Armor, Shoes, and Earrings. By focusing on these pieces, players can further strengthen their characters' defensive capabilities, making them more resilient in the face of adversarial attacks.

Exploring Equipment Qualities and Enhancements

Equipment in Black Desert Mobile comes in two qualities: PVE and PVP. PVP abilities are applicable across all game modes, including Arena, Ranking, and Guild War. It is essential to understand that enhancing equipment for ranking purposes requires evenly distributing enhancements to achieve the best results.

Enhancements for Attack, Health, and Defense attributes are dependent on the specific game mode. In dungeons and regular stages, it is advisable to focus on individual enhancements for Attack, Health, or Defense attributes. For example, enhancing the Main Hand increases Attack, the Off Hand enhances Health, and the Helmet or Armor boosts Defense.

Moreover, equipment quality adds an element of randomness. Understanding the impact of varying attributes is crucial. For instance, if a weapon's maximum Attack value is 10 but you obtain it with a value of 8, your damage output will be reduced to 80% of its potential. Evaluating equipment based on its actual values becomes essential, with 0.95 considered a significant milestone for players.

Black Desert Mobile

Optimizing Equipment Attributes

To maximize the potential of your equipment, it is vital to understand the attributes associated with each gear slot. For the Main Hand, prioritize Critical Rate and Penetration, followed by Critical Damage, Evasion, and Attack Speed. A lazy enhancement package for the Main Hand would focus on Critical Rate and Penetration, followed by Critical Damage, Evasion, and Attack Speed.

The Off Hand offers unique attributes such as Attack Lifesteal, which aids in significant health recovery. Prioritize Attack Lifesteal, followed by Critical Rate, Evasion, Block, and Experience enhancements. A similar approach can be adopted for Rings and Earrings, focusing on attributes such as Penetration, Critical Damage, Skill Damage, and Base Damage.

The Helmet's Cooldown Reduction, Critical Rate, Skill Damage, Gold, and Base Damage attributes provide valuable enhancements. Similarly, the Armor's primary attribute is Critical Rate, while the Belt's focus is on Gold, High-grade Drop Rate, Experience, Skill Damage, and Base Damage.

Lastly, Shoes and Necklaces concentrate on Skill Damage, Base Damage, Boss Damage, and Attack Speed. Enhancements for these slots can be tailored based on personal preferences and specific gameplay requirements.


Equipment in Black Desert Mobile is an important indicator of combat power, so in addition to upgrading characters, equipment should also be given importance. Once the combat power has been increased, it is necessary to master the combat skills of each character, which can be acquired on the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

Black Desert Mobile