Redfinger | New Development Trend in Gaming Sector You Should Know 2023

Redfinger | New Development Trend in Gaming Sector You Should Know 2023

As the year of 2023 nears, new changes in the mobile gaming sector in 2022 leave much rooms for deeper analysis. Possibly, these changes can deliver tangible results in the sector and diversified gameplays. Let's take a quick look at the change in 2022. 

New Gameplay: XX-like Genre Games

It is common that novel gameplay can be found in mobile games every year. However, there are few games that can be labeled as XX-Like genre. From the game Dark Souls to Slay the Spire released in 2017, all these mobile games lead to the development of the XX-Like genre in the industry. Creative games allow the gaming sector to be imbued with new development philosophies.

This year, Vampire Survivors comes to the public. Conducting in beta test late last year, the game gains a variety of popularity with considerable growth in 2022. Players come to enjoy the game's elements as well as the gameplay with pixelated, auto-attacking, top-down features. At present, Steam currently has over 130,000 positive reviews, accounting for 98%. Vampire Survivors, which adds the element of a well-designed Roguelike, has obviously set an example for the following players. 

Vampire Survivors is labeled as another example of the survivor-like genre on mobile clients. The iOS free list in the majority of games and the best-selling list can be found about the game. Its revenue records a new high upon the official launch within three months, allowing the firm behind to rank in the top 10 in the Chinese gaming market. Besides, the game's monthly active users have excelled by more than 20 million. 

Breakthroughs in design rules enable more game developers to follow and learn from past experiences. As such, its requirements for innovation become more and more demanding. This year, it can be said that the survivor-like genre is a new one for gamers to enjoy. Looking ahead, it remains unknown which players will favor the next XX-Like genre in the following days. 

Cloud Gaming: A New Trend

Although there are few games on the cloud in the sector temporarily, games that gain popularity can be found developed by miHoYo, Tencent, and Netease. But cloud gaming has made a more significant development than ever before in all aspects, covering product, technology, and policy, this year.

Apple noted in early 2020 that it would prohibit all APPs from relying on cloud platform streaming to provide services, a move that undoubtedly relieved the enthusiasm of manufacturers for the development of cloud gaming. However, in the second half of 2020, Apple relaxed its policy and began to allow cloud games and other apps to be on the App Store. Despite there being still some restrictions on the terms, developers have addressed the issue to look to the upload channels.  

Genshin Impact on GeForce

Actually, developing products is a tough task. At that time, the service is more dependent on cloud platforms, thereby enabling fewer products to be well-known. Genshin Impact on GeForce pioneers the sector, generally speaking, to allow people to know the possibility of this business model. 

The success of Genshin Impact lies in the high quality of its products and the fine graphics. While Genshin Impact on GeForce let users enjoy PC-level game graphics without the limitations of hardware specifications. Therefore, major gaming manufacturers adopt the cloud gaming model to develop higher specifications of the product, which is also bound to become the following trend. More excellent products can be found on the cloud to allow players to enjoy. 

In addition, a variety of cloud phone platforms are emerging amid this trend. With the adoption of cloud gaming philosophy, these platforms enable players to enjoy the game on the cloud without costing storage of physical smartphones across platforms. The top-notch products cover Redfinger cloud phone, LD Cloud in the sector. 

Multi Platforms: More Choices for Gamers

At present, game platforms are striving to retain users with various channels simultaneously. Thus, PC players gradually become a potential target for platforms to explore. More and more gaming developers no longer just rely on mobile platforms but on multiple platforms to expand the user base. 

Honkai Impact 3

Such a trend can be seen in the leading products in the gaming industry. For example, Honkai Impact 3 and Tower of Fantasy runs on PC and mobile platforms, Genshin Impact launches on PS5 in addition to PC and mobile platforms. All these games have delivered tangible results in the sector. 

The successful products drive more developers to embark on multi-platform development. The move not only ensures the popularity of games and expands the user base but obtains considerable revenue. Against the backdrop of the fact that PC games are from official channels, developers can gain benefits from it. 

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