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There are currently many Valkyries in Honkai Impact 3, so there are some differences in their strength. The Herrschers in Honkai Impact 3 are known for being relatively easy to control and have powerful output.

Honkai Impact 3

Herrscher of Thunder Analysis

The situation in the Abyss has changed, becoming less unique, while the temperature there is gradually increasing. With the Herrscher of Thunder possessing immense power and easy control, the cooperation between the Herrscher and the captain has become increasingly important. All future versions of the game will focus on collaborating with the Herrscher of Thunder in the Abyss. An example of this is the Lost Dirac version, which emphasizes precise positioning and lightning support. This indicates that the planners are further solidifying the Herrscher of Thunder's role in the Abyss. In the future, frontline captains will not only need to equip their main characters but also their supports to stand firm in the Abyss.

When it comes to Valkyries with high damage output, equipment competition is unavoidable. Exclusive equipment and weapons are crucial in this regard. Thus, the first recommended Stigmata set is the Benares' Awakening set, and the first recommended weapon is the Void Drifter's Judgment. Both of these are exclusive to the Herrscher of Thunder.

For those who don't have access to exclusive weapons, there are alternative equipment options. The Magnetic Blade is expected to be widely available since it was offered as a selectable weapon box after being online for only three days in the previous version. As for Stigmata, the suggested set is the Planck's Torment set. This set provides a significant boost to lightning damage, which complements the attributes of the Herrscher of Thunder.

Honkai Impact 3

Herrscher of Truth Analysis

In the game, Herrscher of Truth is known as Bronya. She is a charming white-haired girl with a rich background story filled with various experiences. Her controlled mecha is truly magnificent, resembling a vast six-winged angel. Both her character attributes and appearance are intricately tied to this depiction. Possessing ice attributes, her skills exhibit fascinating interactions with this element.

Now, let's delve into her passive and active skills. Firstly, her weapon's passive skill not only amplifies damage as the distance closes but also grants additional damage bonuses when paired with characters in the lineup who possess different elemental characteristics.

Among these bonuses, the highest is a 15% increase in damage for ice attributes, while fire and lightning attributes provide an 8% damage bonus each. However, aside from Bronya herself, the other teammates can only benefit from one of these three bonus effects at most. The second passive skill directly augments elemental damage, starting at 8%. However, after utilizing the ultimate and weapon active skills, this percentage escalates to 15% and eventually 30%. 

Furthermore, the weapon's active skill exhibits formidable power by delivering two stages of linear and explosive damage. The first stage entails a 400% attack bonus, while the second stage bestows a 200% bonus. Additionally, when employed by Bronya, it offers supplementary energy recovery and unlocks the weapon's full potential.

Herrscher of Sentience Analysis

Elysia wields a bow as her weapon and possesses the elemental attribute of long-range ice damage. She exhibits two distinct forms: Herrscher of Sentience and the Source of Sentience, which is unleashed after activating her burst. Her burst form grants her higher damage output, while also granting her the ability to freeze enemies and gain invincibility through her activated skills. This makes her proficient at drawing aggro from all directions. Notably, she possesses unique capabilities such as special attacks specifically tailored for mechanical enemies and the ability to provide buffs to the entire team in the Sea of Quanta.

Elysia's versatility extends to her ability to switch between her two forms directly using her ultimate skill, provided the necessary conditions are met. Upon using her ultimate skill, she can refresh the cooldown of her evasion skill. Each of her forms applies a special status effect on enemies known as Pristine Blossom Seed and Pristine Blossom Cluster. These effects can be stacked up to three layers through charged attacks. Once three layers are accumulated, they transform into Pristine Blossom Cluster, effectively restricting enemy movement for 2.5 seconds.

A recommended strategy for maximizing Elysia's potential involves alternating between weapon attacks, executing basic attacks, and charged attacks to deal damage while accumulating Pristine Blossom Clusters before activating her burst. However, it should be noted that while in burst form, charging attacks can only be performed once and at a slower speed. Once her burst is activated, it is advisable to continue alternating between weapon attacks with increased charging speed and the ability to mix attacks. Additionally, when the energy gauge is full, a long-press of the attack button unleashes high-damage attacks.

Moreover, Elysia possesses a beneficial buff that enables elemental penetration. In her burst form, she gains a 15% elemental penetration, enhancing her effectiveness against enemies. Furthermore, when she attacks enemies affected by Pristine Blossom Seed and Pristine Blossom Cluster, she acquires the Solitary Particle Vulnerability buff, thereby increasing her overall damage output.


Herrscher is the most powerful character in Honkai Impact 3 and is favored by many players. Each Herrscher has unique abilities. Currently, there are known to be a total of 13 Herrschers. The above analysis only briefly introduces three of them. If you want to learn more about Herrschers, you can check Redfinger's Android emulator platform.

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