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Diablo Immortal is a popular role-playing game where players can enjoy various exciting battles and explore different gameplay systems. It aims to provide players with more experience and rewards while making player interactions more interesting. This guide is intended to introduce the system gameplay of Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Economy System Gameplay

The game incorporates a built-in trading system enabling players to engage in trade and sell various items among themselves. Trading activities take place in the marketplace using a currency called platinum coins, which can be obtained through participating in bounties, gameplay activities, or exchanging eternal stones. By selling goods in the marketplace, players can earn platinum coins. However, it's important to note that certain items cannot be sold in the marketplace due to restrictions.

The Diablo series is well-known for its auction house feature, which has attracted numerous players over the years. In Diablo 2, players enjoyed the freedom to trade items, which had its advantages and disadvantages. Diablo 3 introduced the auction house to make trading more convenient, but it also led to players spending excessive time browsing listings instead of engaging in monster hunting. As a result, the auction house was eventually removed from Diablo 

In Diablo Immortal, a trading system exists but with certain limitations. Unlike free trading in previous games, items and equipment in Diablo Immortal have fixed prices predetermined by the system, and players cannot arbitrarily change them. Additionally, the trading system only allows for the sale of low-level materials, making it impossible to generate profits through trading in Diablo Immortal.

World Boss System Gameplay

World bosses in Diablo Immortal become available exclusively to players who have reached the maximum level. These formidable adversaries are preceded by a visible countdown, alerting players to their imminent appearance in the designated area. The collective effort of players from across the server is encouraged to engage in battles against these bosses, allowing even newcomers to acquire rewards effortlessly by participating.

Once the countdown concludes, the world boss materializes and embarks on a predetermined path across the map. Along its route, it summons elite monsters at specific locations, challenging players to vanquish them. In comparison to other world bosses, this particular adversary possesses a relatively lower level of difficulty.

Given the collaborative nature of world boss encounters, it is advisable to set the game difficulty to its highest level. Every player who contributes damage during the battle will be entitled to receive rewards, as equipment drops are independent in the game. This approach currently represents the simplest means of acquiring legendary equipment. However, it is worth noting that different world bosses require distinct strategies and present varying levels of difficulty.

Open World Monster Spawn System Gameplay

In the expansive realm, players have the opportunity to partake in the thrilling activity of monster hunting. The primary objective revolves around eliminating formidable creatures inhabiting densely populated regions. Optimal sites for engaging in this pursuit comprise the eastern teleportation point in the Jordan Kurast Library, the southern expanse of Frozen Tundra, and the enigmatic Sethrak Ruins. Within these locales, players can effortlessly attain impressive kill streaks surpassing 100, particularly when operating as a coordinated team. This cooperative approach proves to be the most efficient method of gathering valuable resources subsequent to the completion of daily quests.

Black Rose System Gameplay

In Diablo Immortal, players can encounter a variety of bosses, including the elusive Black Rose, located in the depths of the Black Forest. Engaging in a battle with Black Rose presents a unique and formidable challenge.

To discover the boss's whereabouts, players will be transported to the nearest Black Rose teleportation point and can access the map by tapping the upper right corner of the screen. Upon entering the map, the Black Forest serves as the initial destination, and a black rose symbol on the left side of the portal indicates the hidden boss's location.

Tactical Introduction: Black Rose boasts a substantial health pool of 6.5 million and possesses a range of formidable skills. It is important to take note of three key aspects:

1. The first skill involves a powerful beam that emits a ray, propelling players swiftly through the air. Dodging this attack can be challenging due to its high speed. It is advisable for players to equip a protective shield, such as the Necromancer's Death Shroud, to prevent instant death. Another strategy is to initiate attacks from the left and quickly maneuver to the right to create ample time for evading the inflicted damage.

2. Black Rose's second skill revolves around summoning a large number of female mages to aid her in combat. Although these minions do not deal substantial damage individually, they considerably impede movement speed. The most effective approach is to maintain a safe distance from the boss, eliminate the summoned minions, and then resume focusing on damaging Black Rose. This strategy ensures safety while minimizing interruptions.

3. Additionally, the boss possesses a formidable skill—an ability that generates a powerful suction force, drawing players towards her. Although this attack does not cause significant damage, it greatly diminishes Black Rose's health when it successfully connects. Therefore, players must employ swift movement skills to dodge this attack throughout the battle. Running out of health potions can be fatal since Black Rose possesses twice the health of a regular dungeon boss.


Diablo Immortal offers many different system gameplay features, and this guide only covers a portion of them. For more detailed guides, you can download the Redfinger Android emulator to access additional resources.

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