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Since the game "Diablo Immortal" was released globally, it has received a high level of attention and praise, attracting more players who want to participate in this game. So, how can you experience the perfect gameplay in the shortest possible time? Redfinger Android emulator platform has compiled this guide to meet the needs of players.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Gameplay

Firstly, in terms of controls, it's important for players to be aware of the auto loot feature. Once in the game, players should remember to activate it. Adventures often involve frequent item drops, and while manually picking up items can be satisfying, it can also be time-consuming. Therefore, the auto loot feature is the most practical option, especially for players using Redfinger to download and play Diablo Immortal as it helps them level up faster.

Moving on to class selection, many experienced players agree that choosing the Necromancer class is the key to leveling up quickly. The undead minions summoned by the Necromancer can actively engage enemies and deal damage even without equipment. They also provide a relatively safe ranged damage output. Ultimately, the Necromancer is considered the most powerful class in the late game.

However, while the Necromancer class may be enticing, other classes also offer unique value. There are classes specialized in placing flags, boosting team critical hits, and dealing area-of-effect damage. The Hunter class, in particular, shows great promise. To explore the world of Diablo Immortal more effectively at the maximum level, using multiple classes simultaneously is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

When it comes to classes, it's worth noting the presence of costumes in the game. It's important to mention that costumes do not provide any attribute boosts, allowing players to freely choose based on personal preferences. Whether the costumes are visually appealing or not, they do not affect the game's balance, and acquiring them does not require excessive time investment. Many other items can be obtained through daily gameplay, dungeons, and secret realms without the need for a significant time commitment.

The game maintains a balanced profit system, with the main focus on the player's own strength and gameplay. Most casual players need not rush at the beginning; instead, they should focus on building a stable team and acquiring more resources. For those who wish to acquire resources quickly, challenging various bosses and completing quests serve as excellent means of earning rewards.

In addition to classes, equipment holds significant importance in the game. There are three types of equipment attributes: bonus, armor penetration, and enhancement. These attributes are fixed from the beginning and cannot be altered. Obtaining optimal attributes relies on grinding and luck. Legendary equipment can possess up to three additional attributes and three magic elements. The additional attributes can be reset with currency or upgraded for free.

Equipment attribute breakthroughs occur as the equipment level increases and can be unlocked at levels six, eleven, and sixteen. However, equipment enhancement also has a certain level cap. While the game's three types of equipment may appear complex, the most crucial aspect lies in attribute breakthroughs.

In this game, primary attributes are not randomized, reducing the need for a surplus of refinement stones. Refinement stones can be acquired through honor points from NPCs and war orders. Obtaining refinement stones is not a difficult task, making it possible for everyone to possess a piece of green-grade equipment.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Leveling Guide

If you're new to the game, it's best to focus on the main quests in the beginning. This approach applies to all types of games, whether it's a PC game, mobile game, or console game. The early stages of Diablo Immortal have a storyline similar to a movie, with a rich plot. Your journey unfolds in a cinematic way, taking place between the second and third installments of the Diablo series.

Being active in the game will naturally earn you activity points. In Diablo Immortal, they have introduced a feature called the "Battle Pass," which is common in traditional mobile games. The Battle Pass offers various rewards, including experience points, based on your activity points. By gradually progressing through the "Ancestral Path," you can increase your Battle Pass level and gain a significant boost in experience, helping you level up.

Bounty quests are another important way to gain experience in the game. After all, how can you gain experience without fighting monsters? When you defeat monsters, they drop "monster essence," and every ten essences can be offered at the Heradim Altar. You can make three offerings per day and receive a considerable amount of experience each time, so don't forget to utilize this feature. Additionally, upon completing bounty quests, you will also receive experience rewards. These bounty quests refresh daily, providing a total of eight quests.

Each time you successfully complete a dungeon, you will be rewarded with a substantial amount of experience. Dungeons also have a chance to drop equipment that is suitable for your current class. As an RPG game, dungeons play a crucial role in enhancing your combat power. So, in Diablo Immortal, make sure to participate in dungeons whenever you have spare time, as you may receive unexpected rewards.

The secret realms in this game can be considered as enhanced versions of dungeons. Diablo Immortal distinguishes them conceptually from regular dungeons. Completing secret realms grants a significant amount of experience, but these realms are generally more challenging and require team cooperation for strategic success. Legendary equipment can be obtained in these secret realms, making them highly rewarding if luck is on your side.

Engaging in continuous monster kills and exploring the open world also provides experience rewards. Although the experience gained from each individual kill may not be substantial, exploring the map is an essential part of any RPG game. Along the way, you may encounter unexpected surprises and achievements, which are part of the overall rewards system.


In Diablo Immortal, if you're a beginner who has never played the game before, the Barbarian class is most suitable for you. This class is versatile and requires less operational awareness compared to the Wizard class. However, to become a skilled player, practice is still necessary.

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