Mastering the Mage: A Guide to Playing the Mage Class in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is an action role-playing game that has gained popularity since its release. One of the classes that players can choose to play as is the mage, a powerful spell-caster that can deal massive amounts of damage. However, playing as a mage requires strategy and understanding of the class's strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, we will discuss the mage class and provide tips on how to play it effectively.

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The Mage Class Overview

The mage is a ranged spell-caster that excels in dealing area-of-effect damage. The mage's attacks are slower than other classes, but their abilities pack a punch. The mage's abilities are mostly geared towards controlling the battlefield, such as crowd control, and preventing enemies from getting too close. The mage's signature ability is the Meteor, which calls down a giant meteor that deals massive damage in a large area.

The Mage's Skill Set

The mage's abilities are divided into three categories: Primary Skills, Secondary Skills, and Mastery Skills. Primary skills are the mage's basic attacks, while Secondary skills are more specialized attacks. Mastery skills are the mage's most powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

Primary Skills

The mage's primary skills consist of three attacks: Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, and Arcane Orb. Magic Missile is a basic spell that fires a single missile at an enemy. Lightning Bolt is a more powerful spell that deals area-of-effect damage to enemies in a straight line. Arcane Orb is the mage's most powerful primary spell, which deals massive area-of-effect damage.

Secondary Skills

The mage's secondary skills consist of four attacks: Teleport, Frost Nova, Hydra, and Energy Armor. Teleport is a quick escape spell that can move the mage out of harm's way. Frost Nova is a crowd control spell that freezes enemies in place, giving the mage time to attack. Hydra is a powerful spell that summons a hydra that can attack enemies. Energy Armor is a spell that boosts the mage's defenses, making them harder to kill.

Mastery Skills

The mage's mastery skills consist of two powerful spells: Meteor and Black Hole. Meteor is the mage's signature ability that calls down a giant meteor that deals massive damage in a large area. Black Hole is a spell that sucks enemies towards a central point, making them easier to hit with other spells.

Playing the Mage

To become a successful mage in any fantasy game, it's essential to comprehend the intricate nature of this powerful class. The mage is a master of magical arts, capable of unleashing devastating area-of-effect damage that can obliterate hordes of enemies with ease. However, as a mage, one must also acknowledge their inherent weakness in close combat situations, where their abilities may not be as effective as in long-range engagements.

The key to unlocking the full potential of the mage is understanding how to control the battlefield to prevent enemies from getting too close. Mages excel in using a wide range of spells that can manipulate the terrain, create barriers, and summon creatures to fight by their side. 

One aspect that mages must be mindful of is the speed of their primary attacks, which can be slower than other classes' attacks. Therefore, mastering secondary and mastery skills is crucial for any mage to control the battle effectively. These skills can help mages set up powerful combos, stun enemies, and deal additional damage. A skilled mage knows precisely when to use each skill to turn the tide of the battle in their favor.

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Tips for Playing as a Mage

1. Positioning is key. The mage is weak in close combat, so it is important to stay back and deal damage from a distance.

2. Use secondary skills to control the battlefield. Spells like Frost Nova and Hydra can help keep enemies at bay.

3. Use Mastery skills to turn the tide of battle. Meteor and Black Hole are powerful spells that can deal massive damage to enemies.

4. Upgrade skills to increase damage. Upgrading skills can increase damage and decrease cooldown times, making the mage more effective in battle.

5. Use energy wisely. The mage's abilities consume energy, so it is important to use them strategically and not waste energy on unnecessary attacks.


In Diablo Immortal, the most important thing for a game master is to understand the use of skills, and use different skills for different scenarios to ensure that he remains invincible. In addition, Diablo Immortal is an Android game, and the visual effects of skills cannot be well felt on the mobile screen. But you can use the Redfinger Android emulator to play Diablo Immortal on PC, which can bring you a different visual enjoyment.

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