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The Wizard is one of the most popular characters in the game Diablo Immortal. While the Wizard class has strong offensive capabilities, it lacks in defense. So, how should ordinary players approach using the Wizard class to maximize their damage output while also protecting themselves?

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Diablo Immortal Wizard Equipment Recommendations

Before selecting equipment, it is crucial to comprehend the attributes of the Wizard class. The Wizard excels in area-of-effect (AOE) abilities and possesses a wide array of control skills. Nevertheless, this class is also recognized for its vulnerability and lack of damage mitigation. In high-difficulty challenges, certain shield skills may not significantly enhance survivability. Given the class's strengths, the focus should be on maximizing damage output, skill damage cap, area coverage, control skill combinations, skill synergies, basic attack fillers, and mobility when choosing skills and legendary effects.

In the game, players have the freedom to choose equipment based on their preferred playstyle. Currently, the majority of players favor the following recommendations:

For the helmet, the recommended choice is the Abyss Mantle, a legendary-grade equipment that bolsters dark power. This allows for efficient dungeon clearing as the Wizard's AOE skills, such as Black Hole and Meteor, can be effectively utilized to swiftly eliminate bosses.

When facing bosses, players can utilize the Memory of Laughter helmet. This helmet engulfs the player in flames, inflicting significant burning damage upon striking enemies. It ensures maximum damage and sustained burning on the target.

The optimal shoulder equipment is the Shoulderpads of Cataclysm, greatly enhancing the Wizard's Meteor attack, which proves ideal for dealing with minions. For boss encounters, players can employ the Judgment of Fire, which amplifies the damage and burning effect of this skill.

Regarding weapons, it is recommended to wield the "Blade of Chaos." This weapon enhances the power of the "Disintegration Beam," as the Meteor's potency will instantly overpower minions. Legendary effects play a vital role, particularly when facing bosses, so the "Dissipation Beam" is indispensable.

Diablo Immortal Wizard Skill Combination Recommendations

In the early stages of the game, it is recommended to utilize the "Fire and Ice Flow" or "Refraction Flow" skills for dealing high boss damage. Therefore, prior to reaching level 50, these two abilities are the optimal choices. The greatest advantage of Fire and Ice Flow lies in its ability to accommodate a large number of players, resulting in maximum damage output. This makes it ideal for intense encounters rather than medium-difficulty battles.

To enhance mobility, combine the invisibility shield for instant movement with the lightning nova for increased speed. It is advisable to avoid using Meteor in conjunction with the Burning Orb skill, as Meteor is challenging to hit and missing the target leaves you defenseless. For optimal results, combine Arcane Storm with a tracking whirlwind. Ice Wind can also be employed, as it inflicts maximum damage, possesses the fastest attack speed and movement speed. However, it is recommended to have Ice Wind at +1. This combination offers both strong survivability and high burst damage. In one-on-one battles, the player can use bandages to escape and then break the opponent's bandages, making it highly effective in team battles as well.

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The second set utilizes the special effects of the head and off-hand items to gather monsters together. Subsequently, combine Fireball with Mystical Gale. The Galeweaver weapon effect allows Mystical Gale to target small enemies. With the small enemies grouped together, this combination creates a fire and wind effect, resulting in explosive area-of-effect (AOE) damage.

Since the Galeweaver is a unique wind-based magic, players can release other skills in their spare time, such as casting a beam of light at a group of monsters. This beam triggers the effect on the shoulder, causing burning damage. If any small enemies are ignored, small beams of light will be emitted.

One downside of this build is its long cooldown time. However, due to the monsters moving in a straight line, Fireball is chosen over Meteor. As the player moves forward, the monsters will closely follow, enabling Fireball to attack them in a straight line. At this point, Mystical Gale will automatically lock onto the monsters, and the light beam will remain straight. Therefore, Black Hole can only be used to attract monsters.

The most crucial aspect of this build is the gems. It is advised to avoid using five-star gems unless you have invested a significant amount of money. Regardless of whether you focus on wind, fire, or light elements, equipping the Rogue gem is essential.

With these two pieces of equipment, the Radiance of Light is nearly complete. Fire and Ice Flow does not require any specific equipment, and even without wearing fire-based spells or Mystical Gale, it can trigger a special effect. The only drawback is its high consumption, as both Wind and Fire need to be accumulated, with a certain interval during their release.


While the Wizard in Diablo Immortal boasts strong offensive capabilities, it is also quite fragile in terms of defense. If you're not particularly experienced in gaming, it is not recommended to choose the Wizard class. However, if you're a beginner who enjoys playing as the Wizard, you can improve your gameplay skills by referring to relevant guides on the Redfinger Android emulator platform.

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