Mastering Diabol Immortal: An Advanced Guide to Dominating the Game

Diabol Immortal, the immersive online RPG, has captivated players worldwide with its dynamic gameplay and diverse character classes. Among the multitude of strategies and playstyles, one set has emerged as a force to be reckoned with—the Nuclear Bomb Set.

Diabol Immortal

Understanding the Nuclear Bomb Set

The Nuclear Bomb Set, derived from the six-piece set effect offered by the wandering merchants in the game, is designed to unleash immense area-of-effect damage equivalent to 40% of the player's maximum health. With the ability to critically strike and exploit armor penetration, its further benefits from consuming items such as the Beanstalk Flag. Let us examine its potential in various scenarios.

PVP Domination

In player versus player (PVP) encounters, where survival is of paramount importance, the Nuclear Bomb Set truly shines. While regular monster hunting does not pose significant survival challenges, it proves exceptionally effective in the War Song Vault and in surprise attacks on unsuspecting opponents. Imagine the astonishment when a player is eliminated moments after entering the Vault. This unexpected and devastating strategy, known as the "door-blocking technique," capitalizes on the element of surprise, granting the Shadow faction an advantageous position. In such situations, the Nuclear Bomb Set is highly recommended.

Suitability Based on Resonance and Level

Curious about the minimum requirements to employ the Nuclear Bomb Set for PVP combat, we find that resonance levels below 1000 are still viable. A peak level of 150, coupled with resonance at approximately 7000, provides a formidable health pool of around 70,000. By allocating points efficiently and focusing on maximizing health, players can reach approximately 90,000 health. This foundation serves as a solid starting point for incorporating the Nuclear Bomb Set into their arsenal.

Phases of the Nuclear Bomb Set

To fully optimize the potential of the Nuclear Bomb Set, players must progress through different phases, each enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield.

1. Basic Phase:

During the initial phase, acquiring the complete set of six Nuclear Bomb Set items is crucial. Paying close attention to the "Stamina" attribute, players should ensure its retention across all pieces. The recommended gear includes the Abyssal Soul Necklace, two Echoing Ice Rings, Silent Temple Gloves, the Mad King Belt, and the Tower of Oblivion Boots.

2. Advanced Phase:

As players advance further and reach the pinnacle of their power, modifying their point allocation becomes essential. Prioritizing health accumulation, players should aim to increase their health pool by at least 15,000. Adjusting the distribution of points to match this objective can result in a health pool of approximately 90,000. Key abilities to focus on include Unyielding Land, Pursuit of Victory, United We Stand, Shoulder to Shoulder, and remaining points invested in Remaining Calm. These adjustments form the cornerstone of the advanced phase of the Nuclear Bomb Set.

Diabol Immortal

Achieving Maximum Health Stacking

To reach the pinnacle of health stacking, players can employ several strategies to augment their overall health pool.

1. Sunstone Fusion:

Utilizing the Sunstone Fusion system, players can combine different stones to maximize their health benefits. Opting for Red Jasper Stones, which are influenced by resonance and offer a higher actual health increase, proves to be a prudent choice.

2. The Heritage of Heraclius:

Within the Warband Relics Chamber, players can select either the Command Center or the Library. Prioritizing the "Protection" attribute, players can equip the Shepherd's Burden, which grants a 15% increase in size and a 6.5% boost to maximum health.

3. Refinement:

By refining gear attributes, players can further enhance their health stacking. Prioritizing the "Protection" attribute alongside a 0.5-1.0% increase in maximum health allows players to utilize Barrier Stones for refinement purposes.

Gem Recommendations

Based on extensive testing and observations, certain gems prove particularly effective when combined with the Nuclear Bomb Set. While it showcases impressive performance across different character classes, it notably excels when used by Barbarians, Monks, and other melee-oriented professions for close-quarters combat. Notably, the Nuclear Bomb Set has garnered attention among Winged Monks, who can unleash devastating explosions with their exceptional health pools. Gems such as Endurance, Battle Guardian, and Divine Blessing are highly recommended, with Divine Blessing offering significant percentage-based health benefits.

Considerations and Final Thoughts

It is essential to bear in mind that the strategies and recommendations discussed in this article primarily pertain to PVP scenarios. Players with a power level of around 3000 or below may find their focus centered on monster hunting, where the Nuclear Bomb Set might not be the optimal choice. However, as power surpasses the 3500 marks, players can begin to evaluate the trade-offs between health stacking and damage output. Ultimately, the decision lies with individual players based on their preferences and playstyles.


In Diabol Immortal, the outcome of battles is often determined by the equipment utilized. Therefore, if one aspires to become a master, it is imperative to possess knowledge about various types of equipment. Additionally, mastering the game's operation skills is crucial. To enhance your skills, you can engage in practice sessions using the Redfinger Android emulator.

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