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Diablo Immortal offers several powerful characters, and each player can choose a character that suits their characteristics. Of course, if you have a lot of time, you can try to master each character. Let's take a deeper look at each character.

Diablo Immortal

1. Barbarian

The Barbarian is renowned not only for its exceptional defense but also for its straightforward and aggressive gameplay. Its skills and abilities optimize the gaming experience, particularly in the early stages of the game. With its well-rounded attributes and impressive strength, the Barbarian is highly recommended for new players and those who lack confidence in positioning.

Intimidate: This skill serves the dual purpose of dealing wide-ranging damage and taunting nearby enemies, causing them to suffer an additional 30% damage from our attacks. It significantly boosts the output of teammates during battles. There are three legendary effects that can enhance this skill. The first effect increases the damage dealt by teammates, making it an essential piece of equipment for maximizing support skills. The second effect affects surrounding enemies, making it valuable in boss battles with wide-range moving abilities. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the first special effect. When it comes to weapons, they can increase the duration of taunting or reduce damage, although the overall impact is average.

Earth Stomp: This skill inflicts damage to enemies within its surrounding area while stunning them. There are two legendary effects available for this skill. The first effect transforms the original cone-shaped area into an area-of-effect (AOE), which proves highly effective in battles. The second effect increases the attack range, and both abilities can be utilized simultaneously. One effect is provided by a pair of pants, while the other effect comes from a helmet, both of which enhance control during battles.

Wrath of the Berserker: This skill is of utmost importance for Barbarians as it not only increases their speed but also enhances their attack speed. The legendary effect of Wrath of the Berserker can convert swiftness into critical strikes, further amplifying their attack power. There are equipment options available to increase the skill's duration, reduce its cooldown, and improve control effects.

2. Wizard

The Wizard class requires a certain level of skill and strategic positioning due to its relatively fragile defense capabilities. While it may not be as beginner-friendly as the Barbarian in the early stages, it offers immense potential for those who wish to unlock its true power. The Wizard excels in ranged attacks, crowd control, and serves as a primary damage dealer within a team. Despite its impressive strengths, it is weaker in the early stages, which might discourage new players. Therefore, it is recommended for players who are confident in their positioning and desire high damage output.

During the early stages, the Wizard has limited skill options and their abilities are not fully developed. Magic Missiles, the basic attack skill for mages, serves as the primary source of damage during this time. It possesses a slowing effect and can be combined with Fireball and Arcane Torrent to inflict substantial damage. Fireball follows a tornado-like path and can create a Firestorm effect, increasing area damage. This skill combination proves to be practical, particularly in the early stages.

In the mid-game, the Wizard unlocks Lightning Nova, which has a reduced cooldown, enabling players to rapidly unleash high damage. Acquiring legendary equipment greatly enhances mobility during this phase. At level 15, players unlock Teleport, allowing instantaneous movement. This marks a significant turning point for the Wizard, as their capabilities start to take shape.

In the late game, a critical period where significant improvements are made, it is advisable to replace Lightning Nova with Black Hole. Black Hole has the ability to draw enemies together when combined with Firestorm, leading to a screen-clearing effect. Apart from dealing damage to targets, it also provides effective control and battlefield segmentation capabilities. Another enhancement to this combination is to complement it with Meteor Strike. Since Fireball is only a skill suitable for the early stages, having a reliable alternative proves highly advantageous. Despite its casting delay, Meteor Strike, with the assistance of Black Hole, can achieve a 100% hit rate.

Diablo Immortal

3. Monk

The Monk is a formidable melee class, excelling in both damage output and control abilities. While not as robust as a tank, it possesses decent defense capabilities. As a skilled warrior, it is a highly qualified class suitable for players who relish charging into battle, shifting the tides, and creating opportunities for their teammates.

The Monk boasts a wide array of skills, including area-of-effect (AOE) attacks and group damage reduction abilities, making it a versatile class. One of its standout skills is Cyclone Strike, which effortlessly draws in and immobilizes monsters. Additionally, its Exploding Palm ability unleashes devastating AoE damage. Whether engaging in solo gameplay or participating in group activities, the Monk proves to be a capable contender.

In combat, the Monk showcases unparalleled maneuverability, effortlessly traversing enemy encirclements, launching surprise attacks from the flanks, and targeting opponents' vulnerabilities. When focused on defense, the Monk becomes an expert at evading threats. However, its well-rounded nature can also be a drawback, as it lacks distinct advantages or notable weaknesses. Nevertheless, its greatest strength lies in its versatility, while its weakness lies in being overly adaptable.

4. Necromancer

The Necromancer, an exceptional undead summoner, possesses distinct qualities and initially exhibits relative weakness compared to mages in the early stages of the game. Nonetheless, its exceptional ability lies in summoning diverse undead creatures to aid in combat. These summoned beings can be passively controlled by players, providing a convenient means to advance in the game. This class caters to those who favor a more hands-off approach to gameplay and excel in long-range combat.

Right from the start, the Necromancer showcases remarkable prowess, boasting attack capabilities that are nearly on par with mages and delivering substantial damage output.


Each character in Diablo Immortal is highly appealing to players. However, mastering every character is unrealistic for most players and requires a significant amount of time for practice. However, if you want to log in multiple accounts simultaneously and play different characters, then congratulations! Redfinger Android emulator can meet your needs.

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