Industry News | Marvel Snap Shows Great Success amidst the Downtrend Games Sector

Marvel Snap Shows Great Success amidst the Downtrend Games SectorAlthough gain pleasure from the gameplay amidst reality and simulation, the CCG-Battle is still a niche option. It is estimated that CCG-Battle only earned $376 million in revenue and 59 million downloads in 2022. Compared to the RPG category games with gaining $23.6 billion in the third quarter this year, it seems to be not promising.

However, Marvel Snap is to be the leading player in this sector. It is hard to believe that the card category game can boast an extraordinary performance at the end of 2022.

Marvel Snap Overview

Despite the fact that Second Dinner is newly established, the Marvel Snap team is one of the most experienced creators of digital CCG - Ben Brode. The company was originally invested in by NetEase, but Marvel Snap was published by Nuverse (a subsidiary of ByteDance).

Marvel Snap boasts strong momentum at the initial launch, obtaining 8.5 million downloads and $8 million in revenue in its first month. One month later, despite a downward trend in downloads, revenue remained strong performance and the game's retention rate was quite high. However, looking at this product after a month or so, Marvel Snap's liquidity was relatively weak because of the limited spending ability. Marvel's IP fees must be quite expensive, and the only way to gain revenue is to look for a break from higher downloads or the game itself.

Recently, the team announced the introduction of collector tokens, a new currency earned primarily in collectible levels that will allow players to purchase cards directly in the rotative shop. At the same time, two new sets of rare cards are officially released. All these measures are designed to increase daily revenue and also lay the foundation for expansion in the following days.

Marvel Snap gameplay,  Great Success amidst the Downtrend Games Sector

Factors behind the Popularity of Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap's greatest advantage is its perfect adaptation to mobile gameplay. As a user-friendly CCG, the game develops short matches of roughly 4 mins, allowing gamers to make use of their spare time to enjoy. As to the game itself, the equipment system is the key to Marvel Snap in that upgrading equipment is the essential way to obtain new cards. 

It's been a few weeks since Marvel Snap was rolled out worldwide, the game has swiftly become one of the most downloaded games in several countries, including the US, which is a great success for the collectible card game (CCG).

Marvel Snap's greatest potential is the broad audience beyond core CCG players, and the user-friendliness could be a helper for Marvel Snap to tap into a broader audience of collectible fans or Marvel fans. The current challenge for Marvel Snap is that there are very limited ways to cash in on the game, threatening its ability to maintain a large number of active users.

Marvel Snap IP

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