Redfinger | Unleashing the Power of Pets in Never After

Pets are an essential part of the Never After mobile game. Players can choose from a variety of pets with different abilities and attributes to help them in their battles. The pet system adds depth and complexity to the gameplay and allows players to customize their strategies according to their preferences. In this article, we will explore the pet system in Never After and provide tips on how to maximize the power of your pets.

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The Basics of the Pet System

Never After offers a diverse range of methods to obtain pets, including summoning, participating in events, and receiving rewards. These pets are not merely decorative but hold significant value in battles with their unique set of attributes. Each pet possesses distinctive attack, defense, and health points, and players can unlock a unique skill that can be triggered during combat. As players progress, they can upgrade and evolve their pets, which significantly enhances their attributes and unlocks new skills. By investing in their pets, players can gain an edge in battles and take on even more significant challenges.

The Role of Pets in Battles

Pets play a crucial role in battles and can significantly impact the outcome of a fight based on their unique set of attributes and skills. Some pets are masterful at dealing devastating blows to enemies, while others specialize in safeguarding their owners or healing their teammates. Choosing the ideal pet for each battle is essential to maximize the chances of success and overcome formidable opponents. In Never After, players can strategically select and train their pets to complement their fighting style, creating a formidable team that can overcome even the most challenging obstacles. With careful planning and the right pet at their side, players can conquer any foe that stands in their way.

Pet Combinations and Synergy

Building a strong pet team is crucial to succeeding in battles. Never After allows players to have up to three pets in their team, and choosing the right combination of pets can make a significant difference in battle. Each pet has unique attributes and skills that can complement or counterbalance each other, and players must carefully consider their options.

One effective strategy is to create a team with a healer pet, a tank pet, and a damage-dealing pet. The healer pet can provide support by healing wounded teammates, while the tank pet can protect the team by absorbing enemy attacks. The damage-dealing pet can deal significant damage to enemies and support the team's offensive efforts. This combination can cover each other's weaknesses and provide a solid foundation for battles.

However, players must also experiment with different pet combinations to discover new and effective strategies. For instance, a team with two damage-dealing pets and a healer pet can deal massive damage to enemies while still maintaining support. Alternatively, a team with two tank pets and a damage-dealing pet can create an impenetrable defense while still being able to deal significant damage.

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Pet Evolution and Growth

To unlock the full potential of their pets, players need to invest in their evolution and growth. Evolving a pet requires a certain number of evolution materials, which can be obtained through battles or purchased from the in-game store. Each evolution increases the pet's maximum level and unlocks new skills and attributes.

In addition, players can use pet food to increase their pet's experience points and level them up. Pet food can be obtained through battles, daily rewards, or events. It is essential to level up pets regularly to keep them in sync with the player's level and increase their effectiveness in battles.

Advanced Pet Strategies

Once players have mastered the basics of the pet system, they can explore more advanced strategies to further enhance their pets' power. One strategy is to focus on a single pet and invest heavily in its evolution and growth. This can create a "super pet" that can dominate battles on its own.

Another strategy is to use pet skills in combination with the player's skills to create devastating attacks. For example, a player with a damage-dealing skill and a pet with a stun skill can coordinate their attacks to stun and defeat enemies quickly.


Pets are a unique and powerful feature in Never After that adds depth and complexity to the gameplay. With the right pet combinations, evolution, and strategies, players can unlock the full potential of their pets and dominate battles. Experimenting with different pets and strategies can lead to unexpected and exciting outcomes. In addition, if you want to play Never After on the big screen, you can choose to use the Redfinger Android emulator.

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