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Mobile gaming has become a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages.  It is a game that combines a variety of gameplay modes, creative gameplay, and balanced game values to provide the ultimate gaming experience to players. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of Never After, including its gameplay, skill system, task system, and more.

Never After

Gameplay of Never After

Never After offers a variety of gameplay modes that cater to the diverse preferences of players. Players can choose from PVE, PVP, and Guild War gameplay modes. In PVE gameplay, players can choose from common levels, elite levels, trial dungeons, and activity dungeons. Each level offers a unique challenge to players, and players must use their skills to defeat monsters and progress through the levels.

PVP gameplay is another exciting aspect of Never After. In competitive gameplay, players compete with other players of similar strength and accumulate competitive points that can be exchanged for rewards. In contest gameplay, players engage in PK battles with randomly matched opponents and earn points based on their victories.

Guild War gameplay offers players the opportunity to participate in ore snatching and guild hegemony. In ore snatching, players fight members of other guilds to obtain ore that increases their own and their guild's ore quantities. In guild hegemony, guilds compete to capture the castle, and the battle lasts for one hour.

Skill System of Never After

Never After's skill system is a complex and dynamic aspect of the game, offering players a wide range of options to tackle any situation. With both active and passive skills available, players can tailor their approach to best suit their playstyle. The skills themselves are divided into two categories: single and group skills. Single skills are targeted towards a single enemy, while group skills offer a wider area of effect, allowing players to hit multiple enemies at once.

In addition to their offensive capabilities, skills can also offer special effects, providing unique bonuses or drawbacks to the player and their enemies. For example, a skill may offer continuous damage to an enemy over time, or it may stun the enemy, preventing them from attacking for a short period. Choosing the right skills for each battle is essential to maximize effectiveness and ensure victory.

Interestingly, the protagonist's ability to release skills is determined by the pets they have in their party. Active skills are only available if the protagonist carries a pet, while passive skills are triggered by pet attacks. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the protagonist and their pets, allowing players to develop powerful combinations of pets and skills to overcome even the toughest challenges.

Never After

Task System of Never After

Never After has a robust task system that provides players with a clear sense of direction and rewards for their efforts. The game offers both daily and one-time tasks, each with its unique benefits and challenges.

Daily tasks are designed to encourage players to log in every day and engage with the game. These tasks are reset automatically at a fixed time each day and offer rewards for completion. By completing daily tasks, players can earn valuable resources and strengthen their characters. The rewards for these tasks are fixed, and players can choose to accept them or not.

One-time tasks, on the other hand, are more complex and offer staged goals for players to achieve. These tasks have a pre- and post-relationship between them, and completing one task unlocks the next task in the chain. The rewards for these tasks are also fixed, and players cannot choose what they receive. One-time tasks require more effort and planning than daily tasks, but they offer more significant rewards and a sense of accomplishment.

Starlight Token Obtaining Strategy of Never After

The currency in Never After is Starlight Coins, which are crucial for players to exchange items and enhance their gameplay experience. However, obtaining these coins requires strategic planning and smart gameplay.

One of the main ways to obtain Starlight Coins is through arena gameplay. Players need to use their protagonists and partners to fight against monsters in this battle mode. Winning in the arena rewards players with five Starlight Coins, while failing to win only provides three Starlight Coins. It is essential to note that the rewards for failing are only beneficial for players ranked above 500.

In addition to arena gameplay, players can also obtain Starlight Coins through bounty tasks. While this method offers generous rewards of 20 Starlight Coins at a time, it requires players to form a team and challenge challenging dungeons. The difficulty level of these tasks is high, making it a time-consuming process.

Apart from the above methods, Never After offers a variety of game activities and welfare gameplay options, which can also provide players with a certain amount of Starlight Coins. These activities may require a certain level of gameplay or participation in specific events. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on these events and participate actively to reap the benefits.


This guide mainly introduces some gameplay and skills of Never After, which can help you adapt to the game faster. In addition, I have to say that you can also download and play Never After through the Redfinger Android emulator, which allows you from Different visual experience this game.

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