Never After

Never After related news and gameplay can be found in this part.

  • Redfinger | Never After Equipment Guide

    The equipment system within Never After boasts a remarkable level of depth. Its components can be classified into various categories, including weapons, armor, helmets, necklaces, and relics, each corresponding to specific equipment slots.

  • Redfinger | Beginner's Guide of Never After

    Since its release, Never After has been loved by numerous players. For beginners, everything is unknown. Although exploring the unknown brings surprises, over time, their game progress will lag far behind other players.

  • Never After: An Immersive Card-Based RPG Experience

    In the realm of gaming, there's always a thirst for innovative and captivating experiences that transport players to extraordinary worlds. Never After, a groundbreaking game system, has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of card-based role-playing games (RPGs).

  • Beginner's Guide | How to Download and Play Never After on PC?

    I have not included the game skills for Never After in this guide, as I find the exploration process of the game to be more captivating. As a result, the primary focus of this guide is to share the process of downloading and playing Never After on a PC.

  • Beginners' Guide | How to Download and Play Never After on Redfinger

    ​As the newest game intending to combine the elements of classic ARPG and city-building genre, Never After is rolled out on 14th June 2022 globally. Developed by NetEase Games, Never After enables players to join forces with classic fairy tale characters...