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The equipment system within Never After boasts a remarkable level of depth. Its components can be classified into various categories, including weapons, armor, helmets, necklaces, and relics, each corresponding to specific equipment slots. A character has the capacity to equip up to 6 pieces of equipment, with the added possibility of equipping 2 relics. In Never After, equipment is sorted into different potentials, which are represented by colors such as green, blue, purple, and orange. The potential of an equipment item directly correlates with its growth value, with higher potentials indicating greater growth potential.

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Equipment Attributes

Weapons: Enhance attack power and increase critical hit rate, with enhancements further boosting attack.

Armor: Enhance physical defense and improve critical hit resistance, with enhancements further boosting physical defense.

Helmets: Enhance magical defense and increase evasion rate, with enhancements further boosting magical defense.

Necklaces: Enhance HP and improve accuracy, with enhancements further boosting HP.

Each equipment set possesses distinct set attributes. The potency of the set determines the quality of its corresponding attributes. It is advisable to equip equipment from the same set to acquire additional bonuses from the set attributes.

Methods of Obtaining Equipment

1.Synthesizing Equipment: Fragments can be obtained from various sources such as "Adventure Dungeons," the "Equipment Shop," and the "General Shop." As you gather a specific number of fragments, you have the option to synthesize them into the corresponding equipment.

2.Quest Rewards: Players can obtain specific equipment by completing certain dungeons.

   - Yellow Brick Road is a daily dungeon that offers players the opportunity to acquire equipment tailored to their respective classes upon completing the team challenge. Normal difficulty dungeons grant access to purple equipment, while hard dungeons provide a chance to obtain orange equipment. For those seeking even greater rewards, nightmare dungeons offer double equipment drops. However, it's important to note that higher difficulty dungeons pose increased challenges, and conquering them may prove difficult if the equipment is not up to par. In the initial stages, it is advisable for players to seek assistance from more experienced individuals, as team collaboration can greatly enhance the chances of completing dungeons successfully.

   - Lamp God's Treasure is a team dungeon that becomes available to players once they reach level 35. To embark on this adventure, a minimum of three players is required. Successful completion of the dungeon rewards players with various valuable items, such as equipment, equipment enhancement items, companion enhancement items, silver coins, gems, and valuable experience points.

   - Introducing the Infinite Mirage dungeon, an exciting endeavor for players who have achieved level 40. This formidable challenge awaits every weekend, commencing precisely at 12 PM. Conquering this daunting dungeon grants players a plethora of rewards, including class-specific equipment, enhancements for their equipment, and an array of other valuable treasures. It's important to note that each boss within the dungeon can only bestow rewards once per week, adding an element of strategy and anticipation to the adventure.

3.Peak Plunder: Through the process of energy consumption, players have the ability to engage in peak plundering. This entails acquiring relic fragments from either fellow players or non-playable characters (NPCs), and subsequently combining them to synthesize powerful relics.

4. Other Methods: Equipment can be acquired through various means, including engaging in activities, making initial purchases, or receiving it as a gift.

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Equipment Enhancement

The recently acquired equipment may seem relatively weak at first. However, through enhancement and nurturing, it can become a powerful aid. Weapons, armor, necklaces, and helmets can be strengthened by using gold coins. The amount of gold coins required increases with each enhancement level. The maximum enhancement level is twice the level limit of the main character. For instance, if your level is 20, your equipment can be enhanced up to level 40.

Relic enhancement differs from other equipment enhancements, as it necessitates the use of relics. Equipment enhancement consumes a substantial amount of gold coins, which are primarily used for this purpose. If you possess sufficient gold coins, it is advisable to prioritize equipment enhancement.

Upon reaching level 30, players unlock the equipment refinement feature. Refinement stones can be utilized for equipment refinement. Even eliminated equipment can prove useful. They can be decomposed on the equipment decomposition page, where the system will provide a portion of gold coins and magic crystals as a return. Magic crystals can then be used to purchase equipment fragments in the equipment shop.


Equipment holds great importance in every game, demanding players to invest substantial time and effort into acquiring and enhancing their gear. Nonetheless, players can expedite this process by leveraging the Redfinger Android emulator and accessing valuable tips and guides, ultimately reducing the overall time required.

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