Never After: Essential Tips for Newcomers to Level Up

Never After is an exciting game that offers a unique gaming experience for players. However, navigating through the game and progressing can be challenging for beginners. In this article, we will provide a detailed summary of essential tips and techniques to help new players advance in Never After.

Never After

The Importance of Proper Movement

One crucial aspect of gameplay in Never After is mastering proper movement, often referred to as "walking 'a'." Many players underestimate the significance of this technique. When it comes to farming or tower climbing, the Holy Angels may not be the most effective choice, especially in teams with three damage reduction units. By becoming proficient in walking 'a,' you can significantly increase your partner's damage output. A well-equipped main character with a powerful weapon can easily resolve any output issues.

Unveiling the True Potential of the Holy Angel's Second Skill

The second skill of the Holy Angel is an invaluable damage-increasing ability. However, the skill description may lead to confusion. While it states that enemies within the skill's range receive increased damage, it is uncertain whether the effect applies to monsters outside the designated area. To maximize the skill's impact, ensure that both your character and allies are within the skill's range when battling dragons or other challenging foes.

Mastering Dragon Fights

Engaging in battles against dragons requires careful observation and anticipation. Pay close attention to the direction in which the monsters charge and make timely evasive maneuvers. Additionally, during encounters with the third boss, effectively use the follow command to evade its ice circles. Active damage-dealing opportunities during these encounters are fleeting, so landing a few extra hits with the Holy Angel can provide a substantial advantage.

Maximizing the Potential of Three Damage Reduction Units

When using a team consisting of three damage reduction units for farming purposes, it's crucial to allocate resources effectively. The tank (t) should not only focus on damage reduction but also possess high attack power. The main character and the tank will serve as the primary sources of output. Take advantage of the area-of-effect (AoE) skills possessed by characters like the Black Knight and the Fallen. Learning how to position yourself strategically to concentrate AoE damage on multiple monsters can be a game-changer. Additionally, refrain from killing monsters with a single AoE skill; instead, let subsequent skills finish them off to maximize damage output.

The Significance of Gold Equipment

Gold equipment holds immense importance in Never After. While it is essential not to squander resources by breaking your entire collection of 50 gold pieces, it is highly recommended to prioritize upgrading your main character's equipment using insignias. Gold equipment provides superior base attributes and refining effects that outclass even orange equipment. Investing in a well-enhanced and refined gold weapon, such as one with +140 enhancement and +16 or +21 refinement, can significantly boost your main character's damage output, especially when combined with the walking 'a' technique.

The Value of Purple Cards

Contrary to popular belief, orange cards are not the only viable option in Never After. Characters with purple cards can still offer impressive performance. In the first server, numerous players have been defeated by opponents with Little Red Riding Hood or have relied on Hulk for climbing the tower. Apart from the Love Angel and the Elf, who possess damage reduction auras, consider using characters like the Heart (12) or the Green Witch (15). This approach is particularly beneficial for new servers or unprepared old servers due to lower resource costs. Keep in mind that these characters cannot participate in PvP battles and can only be obtained from the in-game shop.

Mastering Fragment Farming

Understanding the mechanics of fragment farming is essential for efficient progression. Typically, you can expect to obtain one fragment every five attempts. If you make ten attempts, you will likely receive two fragments. If you manage to obtain three fragments within ten attempts, resetting for subsequent attempts will generally result in only one fragment. Although it is uncertain whether this calculation is based on total attempts or resets daily, it is advisable to aim for eight to nine attempts each day. Experiment and observe your results to determine the most effective approach.

Never After

Decoding Base Attributes

Proper comprehension of base attributes is vital to optimizing character performance. It is crucial to remember that attributes with specific numerical values, such as those derived from equipment, holy artifacts, or advancement, receive additional bonuses. The values displayed on the character panel represent the final attributes after all bonuses have been applied. For instance, a Fox with +10 enhancement may display 4,800 attack power, but the actual increase could be around 25,000, considering holy artifacts like the Black Fox Sugar at level 12 and approximately 3-star quality. Furthermore, it is important to note that, in both PvP and farming scenarios, the benefits of overall damage outweigh overall attack, except in the case of healing attributes. Maximizing damage is crucial for optimizing performance.

Understanding Equipment Progression

Understanding the order of equipment progression is essential for maximizing character power. The recommended sequence is as follows: orange set, orange/green set, orange (gold/green) set, and finally, gold set. Beware of new server players who immediately adopt the approach of wearing green equipment without considering the disadvantages. While green equipment may save resources initially, it leaves them vulnerable to players equipped with orange or purple gear. An orange set offers 16 additional refinement levels compared to a purple set, with minimal differences in the first ten levels of refinement. Players in new servers who opt for green equipment are likely to face significant challenges.


In Never After, mastering the above skills can accelerate your progress in becoming an expert, but some tasks are more important. Therefore, you need to consult more guides about various tasks in the game. Redfinger Android emulator is a great platform for that.

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