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Since its release, Never After has been loved by numerous players. For beginners, everything is unknown. Although exploring the unknown brings surprises, over time, their game progress will lag far behind other players. Based on recent questions raised by players using the Redfinger Android emulator, this guide is released for reference.

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How to Obtain Orange Partners

1. At the lottery shop, players have the option to use diamonds for draws, and every 10 draws guarantees the appearance of an orange partner.

2. During the 7-day login event, players will receive Cleopatra as a free reward on the 7th day.

3. Now, let's discuss the most crucial method to obtain orange partners, which is the partner shop. The partner shop refreshes every 2 hours, and you can also utilize refresh tokens to trigger a refresh. Keep refreshing until you acquire the required partner fragments and make sure to purchase them.

4. Additionally, premium orange partners can be obtained by participating in the arena to earn honor, engaging in guild activities to earn guild contributions, completing King's Bounty to earn medals, and then exchanging them in the respective shops.

5. Partner fragments can also be obtained from normal and elite stages. When you have extra stamina, it's advisable to sweep these stages daily to expedite the partner acquisition process.

Lastly, participating in guild activities not only earns you guild treasure chests but also allows you to obtain cake in the dance party. All of these methods contribute to acquiring orange partner fragments.

How to Obtain Awakening Stones

In the mobile game Never After, players can unlock the awakening gameplay once their level reaches 50, which allows them to gain significant attribute bonuses for their partner. However, obtaining awakening stones quickly becomes a concern for players as they are required for the awakening process.

1. The Path of Awakening

Upon reaching level 50, players can unlock the Path of Awakening. By completing the stages within this path, players can receive awakening stone rewards. Each stage completed grants 5 awakening stones. Additionally, if players have enough stamina, they can swiftly obtain awakening stone rewards by sweeping through the stages.

2. Star Chests in the Path of Awakening

The Path of Awakening consists of scenes with 5 stages each. Achieving a perfect completion in each stage earns players 3 stars. Accumulating 10 stars within a scene allows players to claim a substantial number of awakening stones as a reward. The more scenes players complete, the greater the amount of awakening stones they can receive as rewards. On average, players can obtain approximately 300 awakening stones.

3. The Awakening Shop

The Awakening Shop offers a variety of options to acquire awakening stones. The system refreshes the availability of awakening stones in the shop. Players can purchase them using diamonds or awakening stars. Awakening stars can be obtained by completing the Path of Awakening, as well as through the disassembly of "Essence" and "Crystal" items.

How to Obtain Diamonds

In Never After, diamonds hold great significance as a currency. They are used by ordinary players to acquire partners and replenish stamina within the game. However, obtaining diamonds can be challenging due to their scarcity. So, how can you maximize your diamond earnings? Here are some strategies:

1. Sign-in Rewards:

Participate in daily sign-ins to receive diamonds. On the 6th, 11th, 14th, 22nd, and 27th days of signing in, you will be rewarded with diamonds. The rewards increase as you progress, and by consistently signing in for a month, you can accumulate up to 1400 diamonds.

2. Daily Missions:

Completing daily missions is highly recommended. Once you accumulate 30 daily mission points, you will receive 20 diamonds. Reaching 60 points grants you 30 diamonds, while achieving 90 and 120 points grants you 50 and 100 diamonds, respectively. In total, you can earn 200 diamonds through daily missions.

3. Achievement Missions:

Achievement missions provide another valuable avenue for obtaining diamonds. By reaching 100 stars in normal stages and 50 stars in elite stages, you can earn 50 diamonds.

4. King's Bounty:

Engage in the King's Bounty tasks to earn diamonds. Completing each task will reward you with 30 diamonds, and by completing a total of 10 tasks, you can accumulate up to 300 diamonds.

5. Adventure Star Rewards:

Don't underestimate the potential diamond rewards in adventures. As you progress through each chapter and achieve full stars, you will receive a substantial number of diamonds. Remember, adventures aren't solely for acquiring gold and experience; diamonds can also be obtained. Perseverance will lead to the acquisition of diamonds.

6. Arena:

The arena is a crucial gameplay aspect that offers indispensable diamond rewards. Maintaining a position within the top 4000 in the historical rankings will grant you a significant number of diamonds. Additionally, daily rankings within the top 1000 will provide you with the daily ranking reward, including diamonds. The first-place winner can receive a generous reward of 300 diamonds. Don't wait any longer; challenge your opponents now!

7. Dream Island:

Participate in the Dream Island gameplay available at 12:00 and 19:00. The system rewards diamonds based on your ranking, determined by the damage you inflict during the challenge. As long as you rank within the top 200, you will receive diamond rewards, with a maximum of 300 diamonds.

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As a beginner in Never After, if you are not simply pursuing game progress but also value the game's process, Redfinger suggests that players explore different gameplay methods on their own. This can bring a better gaming experience.

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