Tower of Fantasy: Exploring Special Items, Consumables, and Exciting Gameplay

Tower of Fantasy offers players a thrilling adventure in the world of Ada Star. With its unique blend of special items, consumables, and exciting gameplay mechanics, the game provides a rich and engaging experience for players to delve into. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Tower of Fantasy, including the special items and consumables that enhance gameplay and add depth to the overall gaming experience.

Tower of Fantasy

Source Devices: Unleashing the Power of Exploration

Tower of Fantasy introduces Source Devices as special items that assist players in exploring the world of Ada Star. These devices come in two levels, SR and SSR, and offer a variety of active and passive skills to aid players in their journey. 

One of the notable aspects of Source Devices is their versatility. Players can equip up to two Source Devices at a time, allowing them to adopt different gameplay strategies based on their preferences and the challenges they face. These devices not only enhance players' abilities but also enable them to overcome various obstacles and traverse complex terrains.

For example, the Jet Backpack is a Source Device that grants players vertical mobility, allowing them to reach higher areas that were previously inaccessible. This opens up new possibilities for exploration and discovering hidden secrets in the game world. Similarly, the Jet Skateboard is designed for swift movement on water surfaces, enabling players to navigate across lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water more efficiently.

In addition to their utility in exploration, Source Devices also have combat-oriented options. The Giant Engine Arm and V-Type Mecha are examples of such devices, enhancing players' offensive capabilities in battles. These devices provide players with a competitive edge by increasing their attack power or granting unique combat skills.

Vehicles: Accelerating Exploration in the Open World

Tower of Fantasy introduces a variety of vehicles that can be ridden by players to expedite their exploration in the expansive open world. These vehicles not only offer increased movement speed but also come with independent maintenance tasks, adding a sense of realism and immersion to the gameplay. Players can undertake maintenance tasks, which refresh daily, to improve their vehicle's maintenance level and unlock additional features such as paint customization. Whether it's cruising through lush landscapes or embarking on thrilling quests, vehicles in Tower of Fantasy enhance the overall exploration efficiency and provide a thrilling means of traversing the vast game world.

Consumables: Enhancing Gameplay and Resource Management

In Tower of Fantasy, consumables play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay and managing resources effectively. The game features a diverse range of currencies, including gold coins, ink crystals, and titanium crystals, each serving specific purposes. Gold coins are primarily used for various upgrades such as weapons, willpower, and equipment, allowing players to strengthen their characters. Ink crystals, on the other hand, serve as a valuable currency for exchanging materials related to the gacha system and stamina items, and they can be obtained through recharging and exploration. Titanium crystals, obtained exclusively through recharging, serve as a means to exchange for ink crystals. The game also introduces various gacha-related currencies such as gold cores, black cores, red cores, retrieval vouchers, special vouchers, black market gold casting, tempering gold casting, prototype chips, and overclocking chips. These currencies enable players to obtain exclusive weapons, willpower, and limited-time items, enhancing their gameplay experience.

Tower of Fantasy

Cooking: Sustaining Characters and Unveiling New Recipes

Tower of Fantasy incorporates a unique cooking system that adds depth to character sustenance and exploration. The satiety system in the game functions similarly to a health reserve in other games, allowing players to replenish their characters' health by consuming food. Players can find cooking pots scattered throughout the game world, offering two distinct functions: cooking and self-researched recipes. In the cooking function, players can utilize the ingredients they possess to prepare dishes from known recipes, providing sustenance and incremental health restoration. The self-researched function allows players to experiment by adding various ingredients to the pot, increasing the chances of discovering new recipes. This mechanic encourages players to explore the game world, gather ingredients, and experiment with different combinations, rewarding them with new culinary discoveries that can provide immediate health benefits.


Tower of Fantasy is an incredibly captivating game that stands out with its unique scenes, setting it apart from other similar games. As a result, newcomers to this game may face certain challenges. Thankfully, this guide offers a solution. By accessing it, you can discover the Redfinger Android emulator, along with a plethora of helpful tips specifically tailored for Tower of Fantasy.

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