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The mobile game Tower of Fantasy recently received a new version update, introducing a new SSR pseudo-form character called "Nemesis." This character is very powerful and has been favored by many players.

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Nemesis Introduction in Tower of Fantasy

Nemesis, a humanoid pseudo-form of the Morning Star weapon, combines high amounts of wide-range lightning elemental damage with supportive healing abilities. She excels as a backline damage dealer and support character. While her damage output falls short when compared to the Red Lotus weapon, Nemesis compensates with superior energy charging efficiency and healing capabilities, making her an excellent choice for players seeking a versatile option. Although she may not charge energy as quickly as the Ice Bow when facing groups of enemies, she still stands out among melee classes.

Nemesis undergoes qualitative transformations at 1 star, 3 stars (minor transformation), and 6 stars. At 1 star, she fulfills the role of a healer effectively. At 3 stars, she possesses decent backline damage-dealing abilities, and at 6 stars, her backline damage output doubles. Not only is Nemesis suitable for healer classes, but she also excels at delivering lightning damage, which offers significant advantages.

Therefore, for healer characters, I highly recommend obtaining Nemesis as long as there are sufficient resources. She brings about a qualitative change to the current healer class, and a 1-star Nemesis is sufficient for both free-to-play and paying players to have a complete character experience.

For damage-dealing or lightning-focused classes, the choice should depend on available resources. While Nemesis is powerful, her performance falls short of Red Lotus or Ice Bow in terms of pure damage output unless she reaches three or six stars. I specifically recommend the 6-star Nemesis for players with a 6-star White Moon Kei, who are medium to high spenders. It's important to note that Nemesis only deals single-element lightning damage, limiting her effectiveness against enemies with lightning resistance or weakening, even in backline damage scenarios.

Nemesis Skill Introduction in Tower of Fantasy

Nemesis, a formidable weapon for the backline, possesses easily triggered skills that are particularly advantageous even when positioned at the rear. These skills fall into the category of frequent triggers, making them highly accessible for players with limited control. One of Nemesis's primary abilities is "Dual Focused Rotation," which embodies both damage-dealing and healing attributes. When activated, it unleashes a lightning ball that inflicts area-of-effect damage, simultaneously slowing down enemies within its range.

The second skill in Nemesis's arsenal is "Lightning Chain," which combines control and healing effects. While equipped as the Morning Star in the backline, the character can activate this skill by successfully evading an attack. Lightning chains are generated, striking enemies and causing damage while inducing paralysis, thus functioning as an interrupting maneuver. These lightning chains also extend to friendly characters on the team, providing substantial healing support. The Lightning Chain skill can be triggered frequently to augment the amount of healing, with a stacking capability of up to five times. Consequently, triggering evasions frequently becomes crucial to maximize the stack count.

Nemesis's final skill revolves around the weapon's inherent charging mechanism, referred to as "Thunder." When wielding Nemesis, she consistently enters an energy-charging state, and each time the energy gauge reaches its maximum, the subsequent normal attack inflicts additional wide-range lightning damage. Although the damage multiplier is not exceptionally high, the skill's frequent activation yields impressive DPS (damage per second) during actual combat.

Tower of Fantasy

What Weapon Does Nemesis Use?

The most optimal weapon for the character Nemesis is her companion weapon, the Morning Star. The Morning Star is a weapon with a lightning attribute that deals damage and gains additional effects after reaching the second stage of enhancement. It receives a significant boost to all attributes, allowing it to unleash high amounts of wide-range lightning elemental damage. Additionally, it provides support by healing friendly characters, making it a versatile backline damage dealer and support weapon. Notably, it possesses unique control effects, being the only weapon in the game capable of halting boss movements.

Nemesis is an ideal match for the Morning Star due to their corresponding attributes. The Morning Star is the most potent weapon for increasing single lightning damage, without any bonus to other elemental damage. Conversely, Nemesis embodies a lightning attribute pseudo-form, with her primary attack output focusing on lightning damage. Their synergy brings about a qualitative change in effectiveness, making them a formidable combination.

Moreover, the Morning Star excels in healing, backline damage output, and charging, making it well-suited for Nemesis. As a support healing weapon, the Morning Star provides a considerable amount of healing, effectively compensating for Nemesis's insufficient recovery. Furthermore, upon reaching one star, the Morning Star significantly enhances the healing provided to teammates, showcasing its strength in supporting allies.

In terms of backline damage output, the six-star Morning Star, supported by both electrodes, generates additional damage when attacking from the backline, effectively doubling its effectiveness. This enhancement also benefits Nemesis's own electrode damage, further amplifying her power. Additionally, the charging efficiency of the Morning Star rivals that of the Red Lotus weapon, especially after reaching six stars when the charging effect undergoes a qualitative change. Hence, the Morning Star is undeniably the most suitable weapon for Nemesis currently, without any viable alternatives.


The key aspect to pay attention to when playing the Nemesis character in Tower of Fantasy is team composition. This is crucial in determining the success of battles. It can be challenging for beginners to create a strong team composition. If you want to learn more about this aspect, you can download the Redfinger Android emulator. Here, you can find all the tips you need to know.

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