Redfinger | Mastering the Support Role in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy offers players a dynamic team-based experience, with diverse role allocations during group formations. While the support role lacks specific weapon support, it presents an opportunity for players to experiment with alternative strategies. Next, we will explore innovative ways to support gameplay and help players perform at their best in teams.

Tower of Fantasy

Redefining the Support Role

While Tower of Fantasy doesn't impose rigid class restrictions, three primary roles exist: healers, damage dealers, and tanks. However, for the purpose of this guide, we will introduce a new configuration—support. This configuration includes three distinct variations:

1. Support-DPS: Combining damage dealing with support abilities.

2. Support-Healer: Merging healing capabilities with support skills.

3. Support-Tank: Integrating tanking responsibilities with supportive actions.

The Essence of Support

Support roles in Tower of Fantasy emphasize teamwork rather than singularly assisting individual units. As team-based dungeons are on the horizon, it becomes crucial to discuss effective support strategies that amplify overall team benefits. Although current setups focus on individual gains, it is evident that traditional team compositions struggle to overcome the challenges presented by the border regions.

Enhancing the Support-Healer Role

The pure healing approach falls short of meeting the demanding requirements of current dungeons. To address this, the team size can be increased to four members, with the inclusion of the team weapon, the Huanhai Ring Blade. The one-star effect of the Huanhai Ring Blade allows for the sharing of a 30% damage increase and an elemental shield-breaking effect within the skill range. Additionally, the Huanhai Ring Blade possesses formidable shield-breaking capabilities. By strategically timing the activation of the skill alongside monster shield releases, the team's shield-breaking capabilities become significantly enhanced.

Optimizing Weapon Choice

The cooldown of the Huanhai Ring Blade's skill aligns with the refresh rate of boss shields, further amplifying its effectiveness. With minimal resource investment, a one-star Huanhai Ring Blade suffices, independent of character level. The focus lies in leveraging the unique skill effects. Notably, the Ring Blade stands out as the highest-ranking shield-breaking weapon in the game.

Expanding Support Benefits

Beyond weapon enhancements, support roles can significantly contribute to team benefits through willpower and mimetic choices. For instance, Cocolette, the support-healer, can provide a 15% global attack increase to teammates once her Awakening Points reach 4000. The Neptunus Willpower two-piece set can offer a 15% thunder attack boost to allies. Given the prevalence of dual guns and the Baiyue Spear in most configurations, even a diluted effect can yield a stable 5% increase in thunder damage.

Tower of Fantasy

Strategic Skill Usage

Maintaining Cocolette's mimetic state requires frequent skill usage and interruption to sustain the continuous attack boost. Through testing, it has been observed that Neptunus can fulfill various roles, such as damage dealer, crowd controller, healer, and support, by skill interruption, making it an invaluable asset to the team.

Optimizing Team Benefits

The aforementioned setups, comprising a one-star Neptunus and a one-star Ring Blade, offer a myriad of benefits to the team, including slowing down bosses, continuous healing, burst healing, a 15% global attack increase, a 15% thunder attack boost, a 30% increase in shield-breaking efficiency, and a 30% boost in overall damage. The combined effects of these configurations greatly enhance team performance.

Harnessing the Power of the Originator

Another valuable asset for support roles in Tower of Fantasy is the Originator class. The Time-Space Rift, when upgraded to three stars, grants a 20% damage increase to the entire team. By utilizing this powerful ability, teams can further elevate their performance and achieve unparalleled synergy.

Expanding Support Utility

In addition to weapons and skills, support roles can utilize holographic projections to replicate crucial abilities for shield-breaking, damage dealing, or healing purposes. These projections allow for additional flexibility in adapting to various combat situations, providing teams with a wider range of strategic options.

Constant Adaptation and Growth

Tower of Fantasy continually evolves with updates and new content, making it essential for support players to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. Remaining proactive in understanding new features, character enhancements, and gear upgrades is vital for maximizing the effectiveness of support roles within a team.

Collaborative Teamwork

Ultimately, the success of support players in Tower of Fantasy hinges on effective teamwork. Communication, coordination, and synergy among team members are crucial elements for triumphing in challenging dungeons and encounters. Support players should actively engage with their teammates, exchange insights, and adapt strategies to the strengths and weaknesses of the team composition.


Support is an essential position in Tower of Fantasy, and it is important to understand the unique skills of each support role before playing in order to better assist teammates. You may feel that creating multiple accounts to play these characters will consume a lot of time. Fortunately, playing Tower of Fantasy through Redfinger android emulator can reduce your adaptation process.

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