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Tower of Fantasy is a captivating mobile game that takes place in a vast open world, featuring a unique sci-fi setting where players can freely build and explore an alternate universe. In its most recent update, the game introduces a delightful character named Fenrir, who not only captivates players with its adorable appearance but also possesses visually stunning skills. As a result, Fenrir has quickly become a fan favorite among many players. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to Fenrir and serves as a valuable reference for beginners when selecting their characters.

Tower of Fantasy

Introduction to Fenrir

In the realm of Tower of Fantasy, a mesmerizing being named Fenrir emerges, captivating all with her vibrant pink visage. Her debut is nothing short of enchanting, as she showcases an array of captivating combat effects, potent skill combinations, and unique attributes. This new incarnation possesses awe-inspiring damage-dealing capabilities, truly excelling in the midst of fierce battles. Not only does Fenrir amplify critical damage and final strikes, but she also possesses agile movements that accentuate her overall prowess.

Fenrir introduces a groundbreaking combat mode that enables her to unleash a series of seven consecutive attacks simply by tapping the normal attack button, whether she's on the ground or mid-air. Each strike grants her the option to activate additional skills by long-pressing the normal attack button. By incorporating dodges into her regular attacks, Fenrir not only deals damage but also delivers a forceful knockdown impact. Additionally, Fenrir possesses the remarkable ability to separate her opponent's physical body from their consciousness, dealing a significant blow to her enemy. The fluidity of Fenrir's skill combination is flawless, showcasing her remarkable agility and immense potential for devastating damage.

Skills of Fenrir in Tower of Fantasy

Fenrir possesses a unique ability in her basic attacks to apply a musical note mark on enemy units. Over time, this mark accumulates power until it unleashes an explosive effect, amplifying the damage inflicted. This feature proves highly advantageous when confronting small clusters of monsters. To enhance her basic attack, Fenrir incorporates a forward dash, adding strength and agility to her strikes. Moreover, her aerial and falling attacks possess the capability to inflict area damage upon multiple monsters simultaneously.

Fenrir possesses a unique ability that summons a charming musical note puppet and attaches two musical notes to herself, significantly boosting her resilience. While Fenrir's skills are primarily focused on dealing damage, the addition of musical notes amplifies her offensive capabilities, positioning her as a formidable frontline damage dealer. To optimize her potential, it is advisable to pair Fenrir with support characters capable of augmenting damage from behind the scenes. Although her damage output may not currently reign supreme, it remains above average, presenting an excellent opportunity for beginners to hone their skills with this character.

One limitation of Fenrir is her unsuitability for frequent character switching in the frontline position. When she deals a substantial amount of damage within a short timeframe, her overall damage output decreases significantly. As a result, it is recommended to avoid pairing her with frequently deployed characters.

Tower of Fantasy

What is the weapon of Fenrir in Tower of Fantasy?

Fenrir, renowned for her charming appearance, wields a one-of-a-kind weapon known as Gleipnir, fashioned in the shape of a bowtie. Gleipnir not only enhances the character's gameplay and strength but also captivates with its mesmerizing visual effects and impactful sound design. Holding the esteemed SSR grade, Gleipnir possesses impressive attributes such as exceptional armor penetration and energy charging scores, both rated at 10 or higher. This empowers Fenrir to execute her skills with extraordinary speed and precision. 

Moreover, Gleipnir's special effect temporarily immobilizes enemy units, leaving them paralyzed, while also inflicting an electric debuff that dispels all enemy buffs. This remarkable feature perfectly complements Fenrir's area-of-effect abilities, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks and providing valuable support to her team.

Gleipnir possesses a unique attribute that is intricately designed for the Thunder element. When wielded alongside two Thunder-based weapons, its first trait is activated, bestowing extra Thunder damage and Thunder defense to all allied characters. Notably, this bonus extends to background characters, amplifying their prowess in combat. Conversely, the second trait is triggered when Fenrir possesses three weapons with distinct attributes, albeit offering a modest boost in attack power. Considering Fenrir's primary emphasis on the Thunder element, the first trait is generally favored due to its exceptional advantages.


Tower of Fantasy features a wide range of characters, and Fenrir is a relatively new addition. As a result, many gameplay techniques have yet to be discovered and shared. This guide primarily focuses on Fenrir's skills and weapon, without covering operational techniques. If you're looking for gameplay tips, you can explore more content by using the Redfinger Android emulator.

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