Tower of Fantasy: A Deep Dive into Its Features and Gameplay Systems

The game system of Tower of Fantasy has garnered global attention among players. Have you ever pondered the factors that set "Tower of Fantasy" apart from other ARPGs? In this piece, we will delve into a comprehensive analysis of its game system.

Tower of Fantasy

The Combat System

Tower of Fantasy boasts an impressive combat system that revolves around a wide array of weapon modules. Players can choose from 13 different weapon types, including greatswords, spears, bows and arrows, and more. The flexibility of the combat system allows players to carry up to three weapons at a time and switch between them seamlessly during battles. Whether you prefer close-range melee attacks or long-range precision strikes, there's a weapon module to suit your playstyle.

The combat system also introduces combo attacks, which can be triggered in two different ways. The first method involves switching weapons when the current weapon's energy is fully charged, activating a powerful combo attack. The second method is to dodge incoming attacks, triggering a Temporal Time effect and fully charging the weapon's power unit. Mastering the timing of dodges and weapon switches adds an element of strategy to combat encounters.

The Guild System

Tower of Fantasy introduces a robust guild system that unlocks when players reach level 16. Joining a guild provides access to exclusive guild shops and a variety of guild benefits. The guild shop is a central hub for acquiring powerful enhancements, such as high-quality power unit crystals, which strengthen inhibitors. Players can obtain guild merits by completing guild quests and participating in guild donations, which further contribute to their guild's growth and development.

Guild members can enjoy weekly guild benefits based on their guild rank. Higher-ranking members receive more substantial rewards, encouraging active participation and collaboration within the guild. For those seeking a sense of community and camaraderie, creating your own guild is also an option. Customize your guild, recruit members, and rise through the ranks as you embark on adventures together.

The Trading System

Tower of Fantasy incorporates a unique trading system that differs from traditional player-to-player transactions. Instead, players interact with the official shop for their trading needs. Weapons in Tower of Fantasy are primarily obtained through special card pools, which are divided into categories like "Weapon Selection," "Will Selection," and "Limited Special Supply." These card pools offer a chance to acquire powerful weapons and exclusive items.

Each category comes with its own mechanics and guarantees. For example, the "Gold Core Special Supply" guarantees an SR or SSR weapon every ten purchases, with an SSR guaranteed after 80 purchases. On the other hand, the "Black Core Special Supply" lacks a guaranteed drop. By purchasing items, players earn Black Market Gold, which can be used to exchange for unlocked SSR weapons at the weapon black market. The trading system adds an element of anticipation and excitement as players strive to collect rare and valuable items.

The Achievement System

Tower of Fantasy features a comprehensive achievement system that spans six dimensions: Growth, Exploration, Combat, Life, Quests, and Social. Each dimension offers a range of specific goals and milestones for players to accomplish. Whether it's leveling up, exploring new regions, defeating formidable bosses, mastering cooking skills, completing quests, or building social connections, there's an achievement waiting to be unlocked in every aspect of the game.

By completing achievements, players earn achievement points, which accumulate to unlock rewards. The rewards can range from in-game items to exclusive bonuses, providing a sense of progression and accomplishment. The achievement system encourages players to explore all facets of the game and showcases their dedication and skill.

Tower of Fantasy

The Mimetic System

Tower of Fantasy introduces an innovative mimetic system that allows players to tap into the memories of powerful individuals from different eras. By accessing the visual memory data, players can assume a mimetic form, engaging in combat with unique abilities and traits. SR and SSR weapons possess mimesis, with SSR weapons unlocking a second form known as the "Second Order Form" after reaching 3-star enhancement.

Increasing the mimetic form's awakening level can be achieved by giving gifts, which unlocks additional features such as mimetic avatars and auxiliary abilities. Certain mimetic forms even have their own storyline quests, providing players with a deeper understanding of the weapon's past and granting rare rewards. The mimetic system adds a layer of complexity and immersion to the gameplay, allowing players to forge a connection with powerful personas and harness their abilities.


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