Valhalla Battlefield: The Epic PvP Experience in Moonlight Sculptor

Moonlight Sculptor, a popular online role-playing game, has introduced an exciting new feature called Valhalla Battlefield. This unique PvP battleground allows players from different servers to come together, engage in intense combat, and compete for prestigious rewards. In this article, we will delve into the details of Valhalla Battlefield, its rules, rewards, and the thrilling experience it offers to players.

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Valhalla Battlefield: A New Frontier of PvP

Valhalla Battlefield is a groundbreaking addition to Moonlight Sculptor, providing players with a fresh map where they can partake in exhilarating PvP battles. It offers a distinct setting and introduces world bosses that pose a formidable challenge. Venture into this battlefield can be rewarded handsomely, so many gamers are keen on this part.

Entering Valhalla Battlefield

To access Valhalla Battlefield, players can navigate to the top right menu within the game and select the Valhalla option. Upon entering the battlefield, PvP mode is automatically activated. The first map available in Valhalla Battlefield is known as Conflict: Besithia's Nest.

The Schedule and Appearance of Besithia

Valhalla Battlefield and the cave of Conflict: Besithia follow a specific schedule. Players can expect battles to take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM. The fearsome raid boss, Besithia, usually appears around 8:30 PM. It is important to note that access to the battlefield is limited to specific days and times. Besithia's appearance is tied solely to these predetermined intervals, adding an element of anticipation and strategic planning to the gameplay.

Requirements for Entry

Before venturing into "Conflict: Besithia's Nest," adventurers must meet certain criteria. Only characters that have reached level 300 or above are eligible for entry into the battleground. Once the appropriate day and time have arrived, players can choose their desired region and click the "Enter" button to join the action. It is essential to keep in mind that each channel has a limited capacity for participants, ensuring a fair and balanced experience.

The Battle for Supremacy

When Besithia emerges within the cave, all channels simultaneously witness its appearance. The first channel to vanquish the formidable boss determines the contribution ranking and the rewards that accompany it. Defeating Besithia in one channel will result in the boss disappearing from all other channels. The adventurers who excel in contribution ranking, particularly the top 5, receive exclusive rewards for their valiant efforts. Other participants also receive rewards for their involvement, ensuring that every adventurer is acknowledged for their contributions.

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Valhalla Battlefield Rules and PvP Mechanics

In Valhalla Battlefield, players must abide by specific rules to maintain a fair and engaging PvP environment. While PvP mode is active, players are forbidden from attacking adventurers belonging to the same guild or team. However, PvP encounters are possible with adventurers from both the same server and different servers, fostering exciting cross-server rivalries and collaborations. When entering the battlefield or upon character death, players are automatically moved to a designated safe zone within the map, ensuring a secure respite.

Identifying Servers and Limitations

To enhance communication and recognition, adventurers from the same server are marked with white text above their characters' names, while those from different servers are distinguished by red text. Furthermore, certain limitations apply within "Conflict: Besithia's Nest." Movement is restricted for various activities such as dungeons, raids, Milcanta, arenas, duntering guild bases, moving to waypoints, and cabins. Additionally, the usage of certain features like focusing on targets, the exchange market, and viewing PK records is limited within the battlefield.

Safe Zones and Soul Essence

Within the confines of "Conflict: Besithia's Nest," adventurers will find designated safe zones surrounding the grocery merchant NPC. These areas offer respite from the intense battles, allowing players to recover and strategize. Interestingly, when slaying other adventurers or monsters within the battlefield, there is a chance to obtain valuable items known as Soul Essence. 

Obtaining Soul Essence

There are several ways to acquire Soul Essence during battles in "Conflict: Besithia's Nest." Firstly, by defeating other adventurers, players have a low chance of obtaining Soul Essence items. This adds an element of risk and reward to player encounters, as each battle holds the potential for a valuable reward. Moreover, if the same adventurer is slain, they will not drop Soul Essence again for a period of 10 minutes, preventing excessive farming or exploitation.

In addition to battling fellow adventurers, defeating monsters within the battlefield also presents an opportunity to acquire Soul Essence. As adventurers traverse the treacherous terrain, they must remain vigilant and seize any chance to obtain these coveted items. Furthermore, when collaborating with guild members or other adventurers to defeat enemies, the adventurer who contributes the most damage will be rewarded with a larger share of Soul Essence. This encourages cooperation and teamwork, as adventurers strive to secure their place at the top of the contribution rankings.

Rewards and Recognition

Valhalla Battlefield is not only a platform for intense PvP battles but also a stage for adventurers to showcase their skills and claim prestigious rewards. The top five adventurers in the contribution ranking are bestowed with special rewards for their outstanding performance in the battlefield. These rewards serve as a testament to their dedication and prowess in combat. Additionally, all participants receive participation rewards, ensuring that every adventurer is acknowledged for their efforts, regardless of their ranking.


Valhalla Battlefield has emerged as a defining feature within Moonlight Sculptor. However, due to the influx of numerous gamers, it will put your device's performance to the test. When your device has lower specifications, you may experience noticeable lag. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you can choose to play Moonlight Sculptor using the Redfinger Android emulator.

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