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Moonlight Sculptor is a very special game adapted from a Korean novel of the same name, which has been serialized for 13 years. The game's content is based on the background story of the novel, and it quickly gained attention from many fans after its release, including many beginner players. In response to this group of players, the Redfinger Android emulator platform provides this guide, aiming to help these beginners quickly immerse themselves in the game.

Moonlight Sculptor

Character Introduction

Warrior - With high attack power and a slower attack speed, the Warrior boasts impressive offensive and defensive capabilities in the mid to late game stages.

Wizard - The Wizard class is versatile, suitable for both PvP and PvE, excelling in high area-of-effect magical damage. Within this class, players have the option to choose between a full-output mage or a tank-type mage with heavy armor. This class holds significant influence throughout the game, from early to late stages, mainly due to its attack attributes which do not show significant differences against monsters.

Archer - Unlike other classes, the Archer possesses a unique aspect. At level five, Archers can tame pets, and investing in charm points allows them to bring even more pets. Archers prove unstoppable in the early and middle stages of the game, excelling in both PvP and PvE, thanks to their abilities such as slowing down, blinding, stunning, and area-of-effect skills. However, in the late game, around level 190, they face a difficulty spike as monsters become much stronger with higher health, which becomes a burden for Archers.

Paladin - The Paladin class is known for its dominance in PvP, making it unbeatable in those encounters. However, it is not recommended for non-spending players to choose this class as it is not well-suited for PvE. Paladins lack advantages in leveling and other aspects during the early stages of the game. If you are a big spender, then the Paladin class is a suitable choice for you.

No Class - This is a unique selling point of the game. After reaching level 25, the No Class can undergo a character change quest to transform into a Sculptor. The quest involves defeating 100 spiders and a boss in a cave. The Sculptor class focuses on critical hit rate and is relatively challenging to develop. Prior to the character change, there is only one usable skill. However, upon becoming a Sculptor, this class deals high damage, and many believe that the Moonlight Sculptor should choose this class. It may be slightly weaker in PvP due to the lack of control skills, focusing solely on damage output, but it is not a concern if the player primarily focuses on PvE.

Game Mechanics

Pet System - When you log in for the first time, you will receive a Taiwan Black Bear as a gift. Non-archer players will need to reach level 45 in order to tame animals. There is also a mercenary system where pets and mercenaries can be obtained through the in-game shop. The game puts emphasis on collecting the "Bestiary" album, which includes monsters, gathering, collectibles, transformations, and more. Completing the final entry in the album allows players to earn premium currency. This is the primary method for non-paying players to acquire Red Butterflies, with the difficulty and quantity varying. Non-paying players should take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Equipment System - There are two types of equipment in the game. The first type is equipment specialization, which involves enhancing every part of your body rather than specific equipment. By adding excess equipment, you can improve its level and gain additional bonus attributes. The second type is equipment enhancement, which strengthens the equipment and can be inherited. Refinement is another aspect that increases basic attributes. If you have extra equipment, you can consider decomposing them into materials. The attribute system allows for attribute transformation, similar to unlocking potentials. Attribute stones are required to assign attributes to equipment.

Satiety System - Satiety is a distinctive feature of this game, where eating or not eating affects the number of layers of attack bonus. Eating until full can typically provide a 10% bonus, while not eating enough has no significant punishment, at most resulting in +0%. Food can be directly purchased from the shop, but consuming more is necessary to fully restore satiety and gain additional temporary bonus attributes.

Skills - Skills in the game require skill books, mostly obtained as drops from monsters. The consumption rate of skill books depends on your skill level. Higher skill levels require more books to consume, especially beyond the intermediate level. It's important to assess which skills are worth further investment as some may not be suitable for continued advancement.

Moonlight Sculptor


Moonlight Sculptor stands apart from other games in its genre due to its unparalleled character options, making it a highly appealing choice for numerous players. Naturally, there is a multitude of uncharted territories and mysteries awaiting discovery, offering players ample opportunities to embark on their own explorative journeys.

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