Enhancing Your Equipment in Moonlight Sculptor: A Comprehensive Guide

To excel in Moonlight Sculptor, players must dedicate ample time to equipment-related activities like acquiring, enhancing, and converting attributes. However, beginners frequently find themselves perplexed by these tasks, unsure of how to begin. In light of this, the Redfinger Android emulator platform has thoughtfully compiled a guide to assist you on your journey. Its purpose is to provide clarity and aid beginners in navigating the intricacies of equipment management.

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Reinforcement is the first step in enhancing your equipment. By using reinforcement scrolls and gold, you can increase the power of your gear. Moonlight Sculptor introduces the concept of blessed reinforcement scrolls, which allow for up to three stages of enhancement. It's important to note that even if the reinforcement fails, your equipment will not drop below +10 if you start from that level. Additionally, you can opt to use reinforcement protection stones to prevent downgrading in case of failure.

Enhancement Inheritance

Once you've reached +10 or higher with your equipment, you can utilize enhancement inheritance. This feature allows you to transfer the enhancement levels of one piece of equipment to another of the same type. However, it's crucial to remember that the equipment receiving the inheritance must have a higher level than the one being used for inheritance. Furthermore, both items must be of the same type. Moonlight Sculptor provides a minimum inheritance enhancement setting, which affects the consumption of resources such as water, gold coins, and moonstones.


Dismantling unused equipment is a valuable way to obtain materials for crafting and equipment enhancement. By selecting the desired level of items to dismantle, you can dismantle all equipment of that level. However, exercise caution when dismantling rare or legendary equipment to ensure they are not mistakenly destroyed.

Attribute Transformation

If you desire to change the attributes of your equipment, Moonlight Sculptor offers the attribute transformation feature. By spending currency, you can modify the selected equipment's attributes. During the transformation process, all attributes will be randomly reshuffled within the attribute catalog.

Attribute Bestowal

Attribute bestowal allows you to grant additional attributes to your equipment. By selecting the desired equipment and attribute stones, you can imbue your gear with new attributes. However, this process requires moonstones of the same level as the equipment, gold coins, and equipment level. Moonstones can be obtained through dismantling and can be crafted at the crafting table found in various villages.


Refinement is a significant step in enhancing your equipment. When refining equipment with an enhancement level of +10 or higher, you not only increase its basic stats but also make the weapon lighter. This can be a game-changer, providing you with a significant advantage on your adventures.

Equipment Evolution

Equipment evolution is a fascinating feature in Moonlight Sculptor that allows you to transform your equipment into myth-grade gear. To embark on this journey, you must visit the NPC Talrok in the Somuren Free City. However, there are specific conditions for equipment evolution. Your character must be level 200 or higher, and you must possess eligible equipment that can be evolved into myth-grade gear. Please note that only the Chaos and Ares series equipment can be evolved into myth-grade gear. Obtaining the required materials for equipment evolution, such as Hades' Soul Stone, Obsidian, Abyssal Magic Crystal, and gold coins, will be essential. Hades' Soul Stone can be obtained by crafting it using materials like black fragments, orange moonstones, and gold coins. The probability of obtaining these materials can vary depending on the source, including daily quests, raids, chaos gates, twisted abyss, boss battles, and more.

Myth-Grade Equipment Enhancement

Once you have acquired myth-grade equipment, you can further enhance its capabilities. Myth-grade equipment enhancement requires the use of myth-grade weapon enhancement scrolls or myth-grade armor enhancement scrolls. These scrolls can be created using blessed weapon/armor enhancement scrolls. It's important to note that myth-grade equipment cannot be stored in the storage box or traded. However, the additional attributes of the crafted material equipment will be transferred to the myth-grade equipment. Keep in mind that there is a possibility of the enhancement level decreasing if the enhancement fails, but you can protect against this by using enhancement protection stones.

Moonlight Sculptor

Enhancement Attribute Transformation

Moonlight Sculptor introduces a unique feature that allows players to enhance accessories with specific attributes. This process requires the consumption of a corresponding number of butterflies. The enhanced attributes generated during this transformation will be randomly determined, adding a touch of excitement and customization to your equipment.

Quality Improvement

To enhance the quality of your Hero-grade or higher items, Moonlight Sculptor offers the quality improvement feature. This process requires the consumption of a corresponding number of whetstones, orange moonstones, and gold coins. The enhancement stage, additional attributes, and enhancement effects will remain unaffected, allowing you to elevate your equipment's quality without sacrificing its existing enhancements.

Equipment Transformation

Equipment transformation enables players to convert specific equipment into other equipment of the same quality but from a different series. This process requires the consumption of a corresponding number of equipment transformation tickets. The enhancement stage, additional options, enhancement effects, refinement stage, and masterwork options will be preserved during the transformation. It's important to note that once items are used for transformation, they cannot be restored, so choose wisely.

Equipment Upgrade

For those seeking even more powerful equipment, Moonlight Sculptor offers the equipment upgrade feature. By consuming a corresponding number of Abyssal Magic Crystals, designated loot items, obsidian, and gold coins, you can upgrade partially improved equipment to higher-tier gear. The upgrade will bind the equipment, making it untradeable. The enhancement stage, additional attributes, and enhancement effects will remain unchanged, ensuring a smooth transition to your new and improved equipment.


If you want to get powerful equipment in Moonlight Sculptor, you must be patient. Although this guide can save you a lot of exploration time, patience is more important. If you want to get more Moonlight Sculptor guides, you can visit the official Redfinger website.

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