Unleashing the Power of Companions, Pets, and Mercenaries in Moonlight Sculptor

Companions, pets, and mercenaries are an important part of Moonlight Sculptor, so with this guide, we'll show you how to acquire them and improve their abilities, which will give you a quick boost to your combat effectiveness.

Moonlight Sculptor


In Moonlight Sculptor, companions are summoned allies that provide significant enhancements to the player. Once summoned, they bestow companion effects, which offer permanent benefits without any time limitations. These effects can be instrumental in strengthening the player's character, amplifying their abilities, and optimizing gameplay efficiency. The rarity level of companions directly influences the magnitude of these effects, with higher rarities granting more substantial bonuses.

Obtaining Companions and Companion Souls

Companions and their companion souls can be acquired through the use of "Companion Eggs." Each type of egg has a unique acquisition probability, which can be viewed within the game. These eggs can be purchased from the in-game shop, providing players with an opportunity to obtain new companions. However, in the event of acquiring a duplicate companion, it transforms into a "Companion Soul." These souls serve multiple purposes: they can be used for synthesis, combining five souls of the same rarity to obtain a companion of equal or higher rarity, or registered in the collection book, unlocking corresponding attribute enhancements.

Advanced Companions

Players can unlock the potential of their companions further by utilizing Advanced Companion Feed. This feed activates the "Companion Boost Effect," granting companions the ability to automatically collect items and run errands, thereby optimizing the overall gameplay experience. Advanced Companion Feed can be purchased from the in-game shop, ensuring that players can maximize their companions' capabilities.

Managing Companions

The companion interface provides a comprehensive overview of all available companions in the game. Players can view their collection and choose the companions they have acquired for summoning. Additionally, the catalog allows players to explore the unique effects associated with each companion. These effects not only enhance the player's attributes but also provide invaluable advantages in various aspects of the game.


Moonlight Sculptor also introduces a captivating pet system. Pets are creatures that can be tamed using specific food items, and they become loyal companions that aid players in battle. They offer distinct combat assistance and grow alongside the player character, gaining experience and acquiring various skills that facilitate gameplay progression.

Taming and Growth of Pets

Taming a pet involves using food that the specific monster prefers. By fulfilling the requirements of the monster's favorite food and charm points, players can successfully tame the creature and recruit it as their pet. The charm points required can be found in the in-game monster encyclopedia. It is important to note that higher charm points increase the chances of successful pet taming. Pets also gain experience through battles fought alongside the player, allowing them to level up and become even more formidable allies.

Utilizing Pets in Battles and Exploration

Pets actively participate in battles, leveraging their unique skills to aid players in overcoming challenges. They contribute to the overall combat prowess of the player character, providing additional firepower and support. Moreover, pets can be deployed for exploration, venturing into various areas to gather resources and uncover rewards. Their involvement significantly enhances the efficiency and success rate of explorations.

Moonlight Sculptor


In Moonlight Sculptor, mercenaries are temporary allies that players can enlist to bolster their combat capabilities. These formidable warriors can be summoned for a limited time to assist in battles, providing valuable support and unleashing devastating skills. While mercenaries cannot level up like companions and pets, their combat prowess and skills make them a valuable asset in challenging encounters.

Recruiting and Managing Mercenaries

Mercenaries can be obtained through various means, including purchases from the in-game shop or as rewards from activities. Players can manage their mercenaries through the pet interface, where they can summon and dismiss them as needed. Each mercenary possesses unique abilities and strengths, allowing players to strategically choose the most suitable one for specific battles or scenarios.

Companion Ranch

Moonlight Sculptor introduces the concept of a Companion Ranch, providing players with a dedicated space to interact with their companions. Players can customize and arrange furniture in the ranch, creating a comfortable and visually pleasing environment for their loyal allies. Interacting with companions in the ranch yields rewards and buff effects, further strengthening the bond between player and companion.

Companion Exploration

The game offers a captivating exploration feature that involves deploying companions to various areas for exploration. This mechanic allows players to uncover hidden treasures and obtain additional rewards. By strategically assigning companions to specific exploration zones, players can optimize the rewards earned and expedite their progression.

Companion Training

To unlock the full potential of companions, players can engage in companion training. Training sessions provide permanent effects and can enhance various aspects of companions' abilities. Each training stage requires specific consumable items, and completing training tasks consumes a certain amount of time. Players can also utilize butterflies to shorten the training duration or employ companion training acceleration items to expedite the process.

Companion Replacement

Through the companion synthesis feature, players have the opportunity to acquire higher-tier companions. However, Moonlight Sculptor introduces the concept of companion replacement, enabling players to exchange existing companions for new ones of the same tier. This mechanic adds an element of strategy and flexibility, allowing players to optimize their team composition and adapt to different playstyles.


In Moonlight Sculptor, companions, pets, and mercenaries are not just mere virtual entities, but steadfast allies that accompany players on their journey. It should be noted that the upgrading of pets requires constant fighting. You can play Moonlight Sculptor through the Redfinger Android emulator to quickly increase the level of pets.

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