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Perfect World M, a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Perfect World, published by Tencent, and represented by IWPLAY WORLD, took the gaming world by storm when it officially launched on the Google Play and App Store application stores on June 27, 2019. Adapted from the immensely popular MMORPG Perfect World, which captivated audiences in China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, and beyond, Perfect World M offers players a chance to experience breathtaking cinematic visuals, unique aerial combat, and the opportunity to choose from three mighty races: Human, Winged, and Untamed. 

Perfect World M

Unleashing the Wings of Power: Winged Elves

Within Perfect World M, the Winged race stands as the embodiment of love between gods and humans. Their lineage grants them a divine heritage, with males bearing the "God-given wings," known as Wing Feathers, and females adorned with the "God-given feathers," known as Winged Elves. Born with wings, Winged Elves possess the freedom to soar through the skies like majestic birds. With an innate kindness and a deep aversion to senseless violence, Winged Elves shun the use of their divine powers to harm any living beings, be it a tiny ant or a delicate wildflower. However, when pushed to their limits, Winged Elves will unleash their divine might to defend themselves. In battle, enemies will learn the hard way that regret comes too late. Though Winged Elves may lack proficiency in archery, their command over healing and spiritual powers, including curses, is unmatched. Furthermore, their divine bloodline allows them to manipulate the forces of nature, harnessing the elements of wind, thunder, and electricity.

In the realm of character roles, Winged Elves excel as healers and supporters. While sharing a common Winged lineage with their Wing Feather counterparts, Winged Elves possess half-human bloodlines that slightly reduce their offensive capabilities. As such, players who prefer high-output characters may find Winged Elves to be a less optimal choice. However, their advantages lie in their superior health points and skill effects. The vast majority of Winged Elve skills revolve around healing, allowing them to restore substantial amounts of health to both themselves and their allies. Moreover, Winged Elves possess a unique skill that grants them the power to revive fallen teammates, making them invaluable assets within any team dynamic. Their mastery over the elements of wind, thunder, and electricity further augments their combat prowess, enabling them to unleash devastating attacks upon their foes.

Armed with various throwing weapons, Winged Elves epitomize the art of aerial combat. With their natural affinity for flight, they utilize a plethora of wings as their chosen flying devices. During gameplay, players can achieve short-duration flight by consecutively activating the lightness skill four times. Upon completing the level 15 "Skyfaring Power" quest, players will unlock a brand-new flying device known as the "White Wings," symbolizing their ascent to new heights.

Unveiling the Immortal-Demon System: Ascending to New Heights

In Perfect World M, upon reaching level 69, players can embark on a transformative quest by completing the "Celestial-Demonic Profound Heaven" instance. This endeavor allows them to break through the eighth cultivation realm, attaining the transcendent state of "Transcendent Immortal-Demon." This momentous achievement unlocks the highly anticipated Immortal-Demon system. The Immortal-Demon system introduces a new dimension to the gameplay experience, enabling players to acquire a range of passive skills with distinct auxiliary effects. Moreover, certain skills within this system can modify the effects of existing combat skills, reshaping the very essence of the Winged Elve's role within the game.

Once the Immortal-Demon system is unlocked, players gain access to two distinct modes: the "Immortal Winged Elve" and the "Demon Winged Elve." Players have the freedom to switch between these modes at any given moment. The Immortal Winged Elve mode enhances healing abilities and team support, bolstering the Winged Elve's prowess in group battles. On the other hand, the Demon Winged Elve mode alters the Winged Elve's weaknesses in combat, empowering active skills to unleash greater damage while simultaneously weakening adversaries.

Perfect World M

In Conclusion

The Winged Elves race in Perfect World M possesses remarkable power, captivating the interest of numerous individuals with their enchanting appearance. As a result, many players opt for the Winged Elves as their preferred race. If you desire to explore each race, you can conveniently download and play Perfect World M using the Redfinger Android emulator. This emulator enables you to create multiple accounts simultaneously, granting you the opportunity to experience various races within the game.

Perfect World M