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We know that Perfect World M is a game with a wide audience, and people have a high level of acceptance for it. However, while playing the game, everyone may encounter various problems. Based on statistics from the Redfinger Android emulator platform, we have compiled this guide that addresses the most frequently asked missions by players.

Perfect World M

Crazy Stone Strategy in Perfect World M

To embark on this mission, our first step is to join a guild, and the guild feature becomes accessible only after reaching level 17. This mission is exclusively available to players who have reached level 40 or higher, so friends who haven't attained that level yet need to exert more effort! Once you reach level 40, you'll be eligible to undertake this mission and reap substantial experience and rewards. For players who have already achieved level 40, they can directly enter the guild scene and locate the NPC, who oversees this activity. NPC can be found in a cozy courtyard situated west of Dragon City's bank. Take a moment to explore the area or simply click on the mission to automatically navigate to the NPC's location. Upon receiving the mission, you may find that your inventory lacks sufficient resources, but fret not. When you're short on materials, you can seek assistance from other guild members, up to three times. If a guild member helps you complete the mission, they will receive the corresponding rewards.

The majority of the required materials can be obtained through our life skills. However, if you're unable to find a specific material and no guild member is able to assist, there is an alternative option: you can purchase the materials from other players. Be sure to choose the ones with lower prices.

How to Catch Thieves in Perfect World M

In order to apprehend a thief, our first step is to willingly undertake the mission to capture them, typically found in online announcements. Once we have accepted the mission, we proceed to the designated location and patiently await the opportune moment. As soon as the thief emerges, we swiftly click on them, causing the tool for capturing the thief to appear.

Once equipped with the tool, success hinges on our own gameplay abilities. Skillful play grants us the opportunity to acquire various random treasures dropped by the thief, such as coins, high-quality equipment, divine medicines, and more. While our gameplay skills do play a role, the most crucial factor lies in the expertise of the players themselves!

How to Complete the Elder Jumping Quest in Perfect World M

Many players have heard about a specific quest but lack knowledge on how to accept it. To begin, players must make their way to Zulong City and head towards the coordinates X294-Y300-Z57, located south of the city. There, they will encounter the NPC standing near the edge of the city walls. Initiating a conversation with NPC will trigger the start of the quest.

This particular quest involves jumping from the base of the southern city wall to the top platform of the outer wall. It's important to note that magical flying is prohibited during this quest, and players must rely solely on quadruple jumps to complete the task. Let's delve into the jumping process. Players need to pass through the southern city gate and utilize the raised small bridge to ascend onto the southern gate. Finally, they must leap over the statue of the God of War to reach the top platform.

The initial step, passing through the southern city gate, is crucial. Many players attempt to jump directly from below the southern gate, relying on the wall to propel themselves onto the gate. However, this maneuver demands a high level of skill and proves to be quite challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize the small bridge for jumping.

Once players reach the small bridge, they must decide whether to jump to the left or right side since both sides of the southern gate are identical. However, the right side is slightly easier, making it the recommended choice for everyone. After successfully landing on the southern gate, players should walk to the edge of the roof closest to the top platform. Typically, after accepting the quest, players would receive a cursor prompt to guide them. However, as this quest cannot be repeated, there will be no cursor prompt available.

Perfect World M

Upon reaching the edge of the roof, players should identify the farthest point and determine the direction, then make a straightforward jump towards it. One common mistake players make during this jump is utilizing all four jumps consecutively, resulting in a shorter straight-line distance. Instead, players should execute the first two jumps, allow the character to float forward for a certain distance, and then employ the third and fourth jumps. This represents the correct jumping technique, which can also be applied to other quests, serving as a valuable lesson for players.

Now, let's address the most challenging aspect of this quest and its corresponding solution. When players jump from the small bridge onto the city gate, there is a risk of falling into the moat on either side (an experience many players have encountered). In such cases, players are unable to use flying tools to return. Consequently, a significant number of players struggle to make their way back up again.


In Perfect World M, there are various types of missions. Only by continuously completing different missions can you level up and obtain more resources. If players want to quickly complete missions, the simplest and most effective method is to learn from various mission guides.

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