How to Quickly Increase Cultivation and Learning Skills in Perfect World M

Perfect World M is a 3D adventure fantasy game. In this game, there are three different professions: Yaozu, Renzu, and Yuzu. Character development and increasing combat power are crucial. Let's take a look at how to quickly increase cultivation and learning skills to enhance combat power.

Perfect World M

How to Increase Cultivation in Perfect World M

Perfect World M operates on its own distinct power system, where cultivation serves as a crucial indicator of an individual's power level. The higher the cultivation, the greater the corresponding combat prowess. The image presented illustrates ten different methods to enhance one's cultivation. Firstly, leveling up is the most commonly employed approach. As is customary in adventure games, raising a character's level leads to an increase in cultivation.

Now, how does one go about leveling up? The process revolves around gaining experience, which can be achieved through various means. Engaging in virtuous and malevolent tasks, participating in the arena, venturing into the Fengming Valley instance, and undertaking the Imperial Examination question instance are all avenues to amass substantial experience points. However, many of these instances require collaborative efforts, emphasizing the necessity of a formidable team to secure experience. With a capable team at your side, navigating through these experience-rich instances becomes a smooth endeavor.

It is worth noting that these experience-granting instances come with a finite number of attempts. Once the limit is reached, no further rewards can be obtained. Furthermore, the experience gained through daily activities also possesses its limitations. Nevertheless, as your level increases, more experience points can be acquired through these activities.

The second method of augmenting cultivation involves enhancing skill levels. Each profession within the game possesses its own set of skills, and elevating these skills directly impacts the character's cultivation. Skill improvement necessitates two components: Spirit, a specific form of currency, and silver coins. Generally, silver coins can be acquired through various activities or quests, while Spirit can be obtained through diverse methods.

Spirit can be procured by utilizing Spirit Pills. These pills come in different tiers, with higher-level variants granting a greater amount of Spirit. Quests, activities, and daily check-ins are all potential sources of Spirit Pills.

The third method to bolster cultivation involves the utilization of equipment. Equipment holds great significance for every character as it enhances their attributes. Naturally, equipment can vary in quality, with superior equipment typically obtained through engaging in activities. Acquiring high-quality equipment through equipment instances carries a lower probability. Refining, engraving, soul stones, and recasting are some of the means to improve equipment quality, with soul stones being the most effective method. Soul stones, much like other aspects, come in different tiers, with higher-level stones yielding more substantial attribute increases.

Another viable approach is the employment of spirits, which can significantly elevate cultivation. The potency of a spirit directly corresponds to the cultivation it provides, with better spirits offering greater benefits. A Rainbow Jade Spirit, possessing excellent growth attributes, can be obtained through daily check-ins. Advancing the spirit level leads to a substantial increase in cultivation.

Perfect World M

How to Learn Skills in Perfect World M

In Perfect World M, it is possible to observe other players inflicting significant damage to monsters while your own damage may be comparatively lower. Wondering why? One way to enhance your killing potential in Perfect World M is by acquiring new skills and upgrading your existing ones.

To begin, locate the menu icon situated in the upper right corner, denoted by the Bagua Array symbol. Click on it, and subsequently select the skill icon.

Next, choose the specific skill you wish to upgrade. Upgrading skills necessitates the consumption of Spirit and silver coins. Spirit represents skill points, and utilizing your limited supply strategically is essential when upgrading your desired skills. Alternatively, you can opt for the "One-Click Upgrade" button found in the lower left corner. This prompts the system to provide a suitable skill allocation method based on your chosen profession.

By diligently cultivating and advancing your character, you can unlock more formidable skills. The human character cultivation process encompasses various stages: Foundation Building, Lingxu, Harmony, Yuan Ying, Crossing Tribulation, Annihilation, and Great Achievement. To progress to the next level of cultivation, you must accumulate sufficient experience through tasks or engaging in monster hunting. Nonetheless, as your level increases, the difficulty of leveling up also escalates. Therefore, refining equipment and assembling suitable teammates for cultivation serve as methods to acquire more potent skills.

It is crucial to note that once you allocate your skill points, they cannot be reversed or retrieved. Consequently, prior to allocating your points, careful deliberation of your skill distribution plan is imperative. Consider which skills yield the highest damage and align best with your preferred playstyle. Avoid any remorse over your decision, as allocating points to inappropriate skills can adversely impact your gaming experience.

After acquiring new skills, you can examine their damage values and cooldown times by clicking on the respective skills. This will aid in your comprehension and better understanding of the skills' capabilities.


Perfect World M is a very fun mobile game. If you want to become a skilled player in the game, you must have high combat power. Although the methods mentioned above can help players make progress, they are not enough to become true game masters. Continuous learning is the key to making progress, and Redfinger Android emulator is a great learning platform.

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