Redfinger | A Comprehensive Guide to the Mage Class in Perfect World M

In the enchanting world of Perfect World M, the Mage class stands as one of the most iconic professions within the human race. While not blessed with the physical prowess of martial artists, those who choose the path of the Mage possess an innate aptitude for the mystic arts. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of the Mage class, exploring their unique strengths, skills, and strategies in this comprehensive guide to the world of Perfect World M.

Perfect World M

Unleashing Arcane Power

Among the three major races, humans may not possess the agility of the Winged Elves or the formidable defenses of the Untamed. However, their inherent ability to unleash devastating output and bursts of magical energy make them invaluable assets to any team. Mages, having delved deep into the ancient tomes of magical knowledge, possess a profound understanding of the mystical arts. With a mere gesture, Mages can unleash a wide array of devastating spells, decimating groups of enemies. Their ability to inflict immense damage in a short span of time makes them a force to be reckoned with in both solo encounters and group battles. However, their fragile nature necessitates a cautious approach, often relegating them to the backlines of team formations to protect their vulnerable selves from becoming the primary target of their foes.

Weapons of Choice

The Mage's affinity lies in wielding various magical swords as their primary weapons. Within the realm of Perfect World M, those of human descent utilize these swords as their means of transportation through the skies. Upon closer inspection, one will notice that the weapon wielded by the Mage also serves as their airborne vehicle during flight. By skillfully combining light techniques with a series of four consecutive clicks, players can take flight for a limited duration. As players progress and complete the Flight Power quest at level 15, they will be rewarded with a new and exquisite flying apparatus named the Biling.

Mastery of the Arcane Arts

The Mage class possesses a diverse array of skills and abilities, each tailored to their specific realm of mastery. Let us explore the distinct skills available to Mages across different realms:

1. Foundation Building Realm

- Burning Fire Symbol: This basic attack allows Mages to throw a burning fire symbol at the target, inflicting additional spell damage.

- Surging Spring: Unleashes a powerful water column from the ground, damaging the target and slowing them for a duration.

- Blazing Feather: Transforms True Qi into a scorching firebird, inflicting damage on enemies in a frontal line and knocking them back.

- Hailstorm: Summons a hailstorm, damaging enemies within a radius and applying a slowing effect.

2. Spiritual Void Realm

- Ruthless Slaughter: Summons ice arrows and unleashes a powerful ice crystal, damaging and slowing the target.

- Blink Art: Instantly moves a set distance forward, stunning enemies within range.

- Mountain Pressing: Crushes the target and surrounding enemies, inflicting damage and stunning them.

3. Harmony Realm

- Burning Flame Formation: Creates a burning fire ring around the Mage, damaging enemies within its radius over time.

- Harmony skills yet to be disclosed in available information.

4. Nascent Soul Realm

- True Qi Burst: Temporarily increases spell attack power and grants invincibility for a short period.

- Shattering Heaven: Generates an explosive force at the target, sealing them and applying a slowing effect.

5. Tribulation Crossing Realm

- Sea of Fire and Mountain of Blades: Unleashes a barrage of flames and blades upon enemies within range, dealing massive spell damage.

6. Nirvana Realm

- Heart Sutra: Temporarily enables instant casting for the next skill and restores a portion of maximum True Qi.

7. Great Vehicle Realm

- Mystic Ice Water Dragon: Summons a majestic water dragon that strikes the target and surrounding enemies, inflicting substantial spell damage and slowing them.

It is important to note that the available information regarding Harmony and potential higher realms of the Mage class is currently undisclosed. As players progress in their journey, they can anticipate unlocking more potent and awe-inspiring abilities within these realms, further augmenting their prowess on the battlefield.

Perfect World M

Mastering the Mage's Path

To fully unleash the Mage's potential, it is essential to invest in the development of their attributes and skills. Prioritizing Intelligence and Wisdom attributes will enhance the Mage's spellcasting capabilities and increase the potency of their magical attacks. Additionally, allocating skill points to unlock and strengthen specific abilities will significantly augment their effectiveness in combat.

Strategic Approaches

Whether engaging in solo encounters or participating in team battles, Mages possess unique tactical advantages. In one-on-one confrontations, their ability to unleash devastating bursts of damage gives them a formidable edge. However, their vulnerability necessitates caution and careful timing to exploit enemy weaknesses effectively. In team battles, Mages excel as primary DPS sources, dealing substantial damage from the backlines. Collaborating with teammates who can provide defensive support will help ensure their survival amidst the chaos of the battlefield.


Embarking on the path of the Mage in Perfect World M unveils a realm of untold mystical power. However, the progression in Perfect World M tends to be slow-paced, making it crucial to select a user-friendly Android emulator for an optimal experience. Redfinger proves to be an excellent choice in this regard, offering simplicity and convenience.

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