Use Redeem Code

In Redfinger web version, use redeem code to exchange time of the cloud phone, please refer to the following tutorial.

  1. Log in Redfinger web terminal, "Redeem Code" can be easily found in the interface, and select it;

    redeem code, redfinger cloud phone

  2. Following the selection of "Redeem Code", there are two options for users to choose, that is, add new cloud phone and renew cloud phone.redeem code
  3. In the "ADD NEW CLOUD PHONE" part, enter the 12-digit redeem code to exchange. Please note: If you are a new user of Redfinger Cloud Phone, you can only choose "Add new cloud phone", and the redeem code can only be used once for trial.add new cloud phone with redeem code

  4. In the "RENEW CLOUD PHONE" part, you should choose the cloud phone you would like to renew, and then enter the 12-digit redeem code to exchange as well. Please note: If you buy the redeem code from the agent, you can use it to buy a new cloud phone or select your own cloud phone to redeem for longer.renew cloud phone with redeem code