Redfinger Cloud Phone Web Version

  • Please note: in order not to affect your normal use, please turn off the automatic rotation function of your phone.

    1. Open the Redfinger official website login page,click on the icon at the bottom;

    2. Log in to your Redfinger account and select "Add to Home Screen" after successful login;

    3. Click "Add" and you can successfully add Redfinger Web to your phone's main interface;

    4. Go back to your phone's main interface and you can check Redfinger Web;

    5. Open the Redfinger Web and choose your server location;

    6. Log in to your Redfinger account. After successful login, you can check the list of all your cloud mobile devices, select the one you want to use;

    7. As shown below, it is the function of the main interface in the cloud mobile phone.