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Turn career is a feature of the game Evil Hunter Tycoon, and only through continuous turn career can one become more powerful. Of course, this also allows you to experience the fun of different professions, learning various skills at different stages, making the game more interesting. This article will mainly introduce the skills of the third turn career.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

What is Three Turn Career in Evil Hunter Tycoon

One Turn is the process of transitioning from a beginner to a professional in your career. When you reach a certain level, you can do a Two Turn, which means leveling up based on your current profession. There are many choices for Two Turn, and the skills are different as well. The same logic applies to Three Turn. When you reach a certain level, you can go to an NPC to perform a turn career, and after a turn career, your skills will become more powerful. If you don't do a turn career, your skill level will be inferior compared to those who do, but some equipment can only be used by those who turn career, which is an advantage. Additionally, leveling up without a turn career will become slower.


Battle Roar: An attack buff that increases the attack power of nearby hunters. However, the same skill cannot stack, and it has a small range.

Blade of Light: Transforms into a ranged attacker, increases survivability, and the skill ignores defense and evasion. It is the highest single-target damage dealer and essential for PvP. Additionally, due to its high attack power, it can sustain itself by leeching health when surrounded by monsters, making it difficult to be overwhelmed. The drawback is the lack of AoE (Area of Effect) abilities, which makes it less efficient for farming monsters compared to mages or knights.


Song of Peace: The key feature is the ability to restore hunger. In the late game, your hunters can generally handle monsters, and the main reason for returning to town is hunger reaching zero. This skill reduces the frequency of returning to town, increasing efficiency. However, its drawback is that the skill has a small range and may not cover all hunters in the area.

Smoke Bomb: Skills from Swordmasters and Judges can nullify evasion, allowing them to hit you even if the hunters have high evasion. This move can make enemy attacks fail, increasing the survival time of your hunters. However, the downside is its long cooldown of 25 seconds, reducing its practicality.

Recommendation: Archers are currently weak in the current version. It is recommended to keep one for now and hope for improvements in future updates.


Summon Beast: There is a chance to cast the skill again when using it. Since mage skills are AoE, being able to trigger the skill twice would increase farming efficiency. However, the issue is that AoE skills have longer cooldowns, making it easy for mages to be overwhelmed by monsters during skill cooldowns.

Transformation: Doubles the duration of Frost, reducing enemy attack speed and decreasing their attack power. This increases survival chances, but it transforms the mage into a melee character, requiring high equipment demands. It is not recommended for beginners. However, in the late game, with well-cultivated equipment, it can withstand small monsters and even bosses while using its AoE skills to clear mobs.

Recommendation: Summon Beast is strong in the early game; Transformation is strong in the late game.


Guardian Aura: Defense buff that reduces damage for nearby hunters. However, the same skill cannot stack, and it has a small range.

Summon Divine Hand: Passive skill that triggers a double-attack AoE every 2 seconds, with a chance to break defense and ignore evasion. Paired with the Knight's high attack power and the advantage of a 2nd job Holy Silver weapon, it can consistently deal high damage to groups of enemies, making it an excellent monster-clearing tool.

Recommendation: Choose one tank with Guardian Aura, allocate the rest as Divine Hands. The attacking knight can use a PvP weapon (activates Thunderclap when attacking), which further improves farming efficiency.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

What should be noted after turn career?

After a Turn Career, all equipment and skills need to be reselected. To some extent, this means starting over, which is part of the fun of the game. Before a Turn Career, determine the profession you want to change into, then prepare for the upcoming profession. Plan how to acquire equipment and how to choose and use skills.


The advantage of a Turn Career is that it can make you more powerful. Of course, this is inseparable from learning new knowledge. Therefore, various Evil Hunter Tycoon game guides need to be read and studied. Redfinger, as an Android emulator platform, is an excellent choice.

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