Beginner's Guide | Ascetic Boss Gabriel in Evil Hunter Tycoon

There are many big bosses in Evil Hunter Tycoon, and Gabriel is one of them. Gabriel's head ring can be obtained by defeating him. Therefore, many players will start to attack Gabriel after meeting the conditions. The following is the strategy guide provided by the Redfinger Android emulator.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Preparation Phase

When it comes to team composition, it is essential to ensure that you have a balanced mix of five Berserkers. It's important to avoid having an excessive or insufficient number of them. Having an all-Berserker lineup would result in a deficiency of ranged pulling abilities and area-of-effect (AoE) damage in the later stages. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the Berserkers' attributes while selecting them, ensuring they meet the following criteria:

Attack Speed: 0.25

Defense: 600,000

Life Steal: 20%

Health: 2 million

In addition to the fundamental attributes mentioned above, it is advisable to strive for high values in various other attributes. The initial four attributes can be attained by developing specific traits, mastering secret techniques, and acquiring seven complementary pieces of equipment. There are no strict guidelines regarding which traits to acquire or which equipment to utilize. As long as the required attributes for each slot are met, it should be deemed sufficient. Maintaining an attack speed of 0.25 guarantees maximum output, while defense serves as a safeguard against the Berserker's instantaneous defeat by the boss. The life steal attribute facilitates significant recovery, while the health attribute ensures overall survival.

At the core of the team is the Paladin, who should be constructed as a dedicated tank, drawing the attention of monsters and safeguarding the output of other team members. The Paladin's focus should be on prioritizing the following attributes in their panel:

Attack Speed: Minimum

Defense: 900,000

Life Steal: Slight addition

Health: 2 million

The tank's primary focus should be on enhancing defense and health, with other attributes being of lesser importance. For the Paladin's weapon, the optimal choice would be the "Guardian of the Heavens." To maximize its effectiveness, it is crucial to forge it with the "Indestructible" attribute, which adds 5 seconds to its duration. Ideally, the "Indestructible" effect should persist for 5 seconds, and by employing secret techniques, the cooldown of "Indestructible" can be reduced. This ensures a seamless transition from the end of one "Indestructible" state to the beginning of the next, thereby maximizing the tank's defensive capabilities.

In addition, it is advisable to invest skill points in a secret technique that enhances satiety and reduces hunger. This will guarantee the tank's continuous presence without losing aggro. Furthermore, equipping items with negative attributes that decrease attack speed can help reduce hunger consumption. When selecting defensive equipment, prioritize attributes such as overall defense, health, and evasion to bolster the tank's defensive prowess.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Battle Phase

After sounding the horn, keep the screen focused on the bridge or the boss area and wait until all characters have been fully supplied. Send them to learn secret techniques and keep them on standby in the skill area. When the boss appears, prioritize having three Hunters and Mages launch the initial attack. Pull the boss away to a safe zone, ensuring it is moved as far as possible. Then, have the Paladin take aggro and draw the boss's attention. Once that is done, let the damage dealers concentrate on attacking the boss.

As long as the tank remains steadfast and doesn't retreat, the other damage dealers can take turns withdrawing to replenish their satiety and morale before returning to resume dealing damage. If the equipment strength is adequate, the boss can be defeated in under 5 minutes. This strategy theoretically allows for progressing to Ascetic 2 or 3 after activating the boss horn, but the tank's strength should be even greater.

It's worth noting that each hero can only carry one Lucky Elixir potion. Therefore, ensure that the AI setting is disabled to prevent the heroes from using the Lucky Elixir on the boss prematurely. Only activate the switch to use the Lucky Elixir when the boss is on the verge of defeat to maximize its effects, but keep in mind that luck still plays a role.

Regarding building placement, try to arrange them compactly near the upper-right corner of the bridge. Position the resurrection point near the entrance to ensure the fastest revival process. The characters should follow this route: resurrection point - marketplace - rest - meal - healing - entertainment - potion shop. Place the potion shop close to the bridge to ensure quick access during boss battles, and position the academy above the potion shop for a swift exit as well.

When it comes to buffs, once the Berserker has reached full development or has switched to dual-wielding, defense points are no longer necessary. Allocate all points to dual-strike to maximize damage output in dungeons. Additionally, seek out a guild that offers attack and defense buffs. There are also bonuses from buildings and pets that contribute to attack, defense, and life steal.


In Evil Hunter Tycoon, many equipment items need to be obtained by defeating bosses. Therefore, it is essential to master the skills of defeating various bosses. This guide only covers the attacking techniques for the boss Gabriel. You can find the attacking techniques for other bosses by using Redfinger.

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